Great!Love enterprises for 7 consecutive years to pantang Wu City community elderly dedication of love

2022-05-06 0 By

“Pei Qingyuan, chairman of Hubei Qingchengshang Concrete Co., LTD., has been delivering cooking oil and high-quality rice to the elderly over 60 years old in Wipangtang community before the Spring Festival for seven consecutive years since 2017. He is really a good boss.”On the morning of January 20, Pantang community, Tianjia Town, Wuxue City, a group of 70-year-old farmers Tian Xiyuan, holding two bags of high quality rice and a pot of oil moved to say.Pei Qingyuan is a member of a group in Pantang Community, Tianjia Town, Wuxue City. In 2017, he founded Hubei Qingcheng Shang Concrete Co., LTD., which mainly provides concrete for construction houses.He became rich and did not forget to return to his hometown. He actively supported the beautiful village construction of Pantang community.He lives in pantang community Tianao group to carry out beautiful village construction, he donated 20,000 yuan.Women in Tianaoyuan, where he lived, practiced dancing, and he sponsored 5,000 yuan to buy costumes for the performance.Not only that, he also donated 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to two or three people suffering from serious diseases in Pantang community each year.During the epidemic in 2020, he volunteered to send five kilograms of pork, a bag of rice and a pot of cooking oil to each of 65 poor households in Pantang Community.He also handed out two POTS of cooking oil and a 30-kilogram bag of rice to people over 70.Especially since 2017, Pei Qingyuan has delivered high-quality rice and cooking oil to people over 60 years old every year before the Spring Festival.Before the Spring Festival this year, the government invested 128,000 yuan to send two bags of high-quality rice and a pot of 5kg cooking oil to 640 elderly people aged over 60 in Pantang community.Consider the object of hair many, Pei Qingyuan manager will be 1280 bags of rice and 640 POTS of cooking oil to pantang community, entrusted pantang community two committees issued.(Wen Jianhua)