Fuyang District of Hangzhou lifted these local “three districts” control

2022-05-06 0 By

There were no new confirmed cases in Zhejiang from 0 to 24 on February 13.As of 24:00 Sunday, a total of 2,246 confirmed cases had been reported, including 379 imported cases.Source:According to the relevant national and provincial regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and after the study and judgment of relevant experts,The following adjustments are made to the enclosed control area, control area and prevention area in our district: The control of “three areas” in the east area of Muzeyuan, Fuchun Street will be lifted from 10 o ‘clock on February 14th;2.2 From 12 o ‘clock on 14th, the control of “Three districts” in Sanlian Jiayuan, Sanlian Village, Fuchun Street will be lifted;From 14:00 on February 14, the “Three districts” control of Sunshine Garden in Fuchun Street will be lifted.4.2 From 16:00 on 14th, zhejiang Jiangtong Fuye And Ding Copper Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Lisheng Resource Regeneration Co., Ltd. will be relieved of the control of “Three zones”;The above regions have resumed normal epidemic prevention and control measures since the lifting.We hereby inform you.Hangzhou Fuyang District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters February 14, 2022 -END- Source: Zhejiang, Fuyang, The State Council client wechat small program editor: Chen Chen review: Zhang Zheping epidemic prevention tips