The national football team lost to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year

2022-05-05 0 By

The national football team is most afraid of losing Vietnam on the first day of the New Year to the Chinese people, a repeated statement will not give the Chinese New Year to the Chinese people, as a result, or add to the block, lost to Vietnam 1:3.The losing process reappeared the black minutes, how many years ago the black three minutes black nine minutes did not appear, no 50 year old football fans estimated that did not see or do not know the Chinese football has a black minutes, now reappeared 30 years ago black minutes, is a New Year’s gift to young fans.China football lost to Vietnam team for the first time, this matter has to say fan Zhiyi’s crow mouth, this session of national football team why so willing to cooperate with Fan Zhiyi?Before Li Tie appointed the head coach to play 12 strong matches, Chinese football actually did not have much hope, as long as there is no ugly scene on the line, do not appear a few black minutes, the first day of the New Year does not add to the Chinese people, became Li Tie with the national football team to play 12 strong goals.Under the leadership of Li Tie, the National football Team has won 1 win, 2 draws, 3 losses and accumulated 5 points in 6 matches. Under the situation that Chinese football is rapidly declining after 10 years of poaching, this goal is relatively low-key. The practical and practical result is that Li Tie led the team to win the goals that should be won and win the points that should be won.However, Chinese football fans will think that with naturalized players, the national football team should achieve good results. The appearance of naturalized players interferes with the feelings and wisdom of Chinese football fans.They pointed fingers and gossips at Li Tie’s servants.Li Tie command is not good, that is ability problem, they have to say Li Tie suppress naturalized players, they say zhang Xizhe not good, Wang Gang not good, is Xu Xinxing.I really don’t know what they are looking at football with, who is good and who is not, it all depends on their mood.Li Tie does not need to naturalize to suppress naturalized, that is a technical problem, suppress naturalized players that is a moral problem, this group of people must use moral weakness to attack people.Li Xiaopeng when the head coach, cater to the fans of all requests, the playing of the playing, the fans said that should not play did not play, this is in line with the fans willing to it.As a result, Chinese soccer lost worse than ever, losing to Vietnam for the first time in 62 years.Luo Guofu and Alan played at the same time, Xu Xin also played the back, non naturalized players are the saviour of Chinese football, you see at the same time luo Guofu and Alan played a role?What about all this awesome stuff you guys were talking about?Chinese football after the golden yuan football 10 years of poaching times, Chinese players are not a few qualified, not a few to reach the professional football level, there must be fans give advice to say who do not use who.A football fan, a layman, probably can’t even play football, he pointed and pointed, and took a small video to show his big tongue, which can’t speak Mandarin, and what a great look he put on to help Li Tie arrange troops all day long.It can be said that Li Tie thinks that it is his duty to use and not to use others. The amateurs make a joke about who should be used and who should not be used. Li Tie is more professional than the fans in looking at people and things.Li Tie led the team to get 5 points, which is also the real level of Chinese football, in line with the actual situation of Chinese football.Li Xiaopeng took over the National football team, some people are not optimistic from the beginning, Li Xiaopeng just took over the head coach of the National football team.The league just ended, Li Xiaopeng took over the national football team will have no soldiers, this preparation how to do well.Li Xiaopeng caters to all the wishes of the fans, did not participate in the league luo Guofu also came to play the game, the fans should not talk again.Naturalized players can not save Chinese football, this has proved that naturalized players to help China football into the World Cup aspirations dashed, there are people who put this hope on the players liuyang, liuyang football will become another detour to interfere with the progress of Chinese football.