I bought 19 bottles of Maotai, 17 of which were fake!How to distinguish between real and fake Maotai?Guide to the

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Reporter Zheng Jing recently, a consumer in Changsha bought 19 bottles of Moutai liquor on three occasions from a liquor company, suspecting it to be fake, and complained to the Market Supervision Administration of Kaifu District in Changsha city. After being identified by Kweichow Moutai Co., LTD., 17 bottles were found to be fake.In fact, news about “fake Moutai” is common.Despite the establishment of a strict security system, due to its special value attributes, lawbreakers are subject to the trend of interest, resulting in the emergence of fake Moutai in the market in an endless stream, seriously disrupting the market economic order.In order to strengthen the popularization of alcohol consumption knowledge and safeguard the legitimate rights of fair consumption of consumers, on March 15th, the “forum of one thousand assured consumption and the second Moutai Wine Anti-counterfeit Knowledge Lecture” was held successfully in the Moutai Cultural Experience Hall of the Imperial Street of the Southern Song Dynasty, jointly held by the Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission and the zhongda Cloud business of the products.Zhong Qi, director of national Consumer Education Center of Zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission, Zhao Xindong, chairman of supervisory Board of Zhongda Yunshang Co., LTD., and Xu Donghai, vice chairman and secretary general of Zhejiang Wine Distribution Association attended the activity.On the scene of the activity, experts from The Legal and Compliance Department of Guizhou Moutai introduced the anti-counterfeiting skills of Moutai liquor to the consumers on the spot, and provided moutai liquor identification service for the consumers on the spot, so as to improve the identification level of consumers and enhance their anti-counterfeiting awareness.So how to tell the real Maotai?First, wine box authentication.Genuine color box, a little hard extrusion box body, box surface is still very extended, not easy to deformation;False color box, gently extrusion, immediately there will be a lot of wrinkles, even box deformation.Genuine color box, rub the seam of color box back and forth with the palm of the hand, the skin basically unchanged;False color box, gently rub the edge, it is easy to roll, fuzz phenomenon.Recently, there will be small bumps on the side of the top of the real wine box, while the side of the top of the fake color box is generally very smooth.The words on the inside of the lid of Maotai wine box are light in color. If you observe them with a magnifying glass, the words with jagged and irregular edges around them are genuine.If the font color is heavy, use a magnifying glass to observe, the edge of the font is neat, it is fake.The second is the identification of rubber caps.A little bit of force around two real bottles of plastic cap, will move a little;Gently pull out the fake plastic cap twice, it may be pulled out.Genuine bottle glue cap, from the outside view is narrow on the bottom wide, the bottom edge tightened, there is a feeling of sealing;Fake plastic caps are straight up straight down the visual experience, the bottom edge is not tightened seal.Genuine bottle glue cap opening aluminum strip, general crescent shape convex;The aluminum strip at the opening of the fake plastic cap is often flat.In addition, after purchasing Moutai, consumers can download the APP “Kweichow Moutai Anti-counterfeiting Traceability System” on the official website of Moutai, and use the mobile phone with NFC function to independently inquire and identify.At the same time, experts also suggest that some consumers in no way to master the authenticity of the case, but also can go to Maotai provincial self-owned stores for consultation and free identification.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.