Help realize the dream of famous university!Student C realized his dream of university of Auckland

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Student Profile: Student Name: C Student Gender: Female Current Education background: Undergraduate GPA: 80 Admission Information: Admitted Major: International Business Master Admitted institution: University of AucklandStudent C, born in Guangzhou, is a senior undergraduate student of a 211 university majoring in business English with an average score of 80.The student wanted to apply for the master’s program of a famous New Zealand university, so she applied for the international Business master program of the University of Auckland, which lasts 15 months.Successful admission, congratulations!Consultant comment: for domestic famous students, often have a famous complex.However, students do not know how to choose a major for their background of business English.There are many business master courses in New Zealand that don’t limit students’ professional background. English majors can also apply for such courses as marketing, international trade, management, etc.The program the student is applying for can be completed in 15 months, allowing students to quickly complete a master’s program at a prestigious university.