He writes an excellent answer to the construction of “three years” with a good style

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The affairs of the world must be done in detail.As early as the Spring Festival before the county people’s Congress, CPPCC “two sessions”, Yuncheng County party secretary Jiang Linggang to the county people’s congress deputies, CPPCC members and through them to the county millions of people put forward the construction of the rule of law, civilized construction, style of work construction ardent expectations and call.Just after the Spring Festival, the county party committee and the county government held the first high-level “rule of law construction year” “civilization construction year” “style construction year” mobilization meeting, formally established a foothold in Yuncheng county, precise focus targeting, reform yuncheng Chen harm, coruscating yuncheng vitality, promote county high-quality development of the “three years” construction plan.This will certainly become yuncheng in the history of development of a thick brush, yuncheng to the new drive road to play an immeasurable role in promoting.Review of yuncheng county in recent years, the county economy after being tempered and increasingly vigorous, social atmosphere into weathering and vulgarity and steadily better, the level of legal construction constantly improve, people’s sense of gain, happiness, security straight rise.However, it is undeniable that our industry has only made a breakthrough, and the quality of our development has only quantitative change without qualitative change.Yuncheng rapid and high-quality development potential and demand and our system mechanism, capacity and style of work can not adapt to the contradiction is still very prominent.Yuncheng of the rule of law environment, civilization level, especially high bride price, thin raise and burial, big conduct, old habits and habits also exist in different degrees, party members and cadres of the style of construction there is a larger self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, self-improvement space.A new session of the county party committee county government, in the New Year, and are determined to have the confidence to bring ltd.was development good traditions into the new journey, will good style of work to carry forward in the new era, for the masses of party members and cadres at various levels, shouldering the county party committee county government great trust, bearing the weight of the expectations of millions of people, only calcium supplement of spiritual civilization, to tighten the spring style, firm principle of the rule of law, the wind is pure have gas,We will make concerted efforts to promote the continuous improvement of the business environment, promote the upward trend of social and people, and write an excellent answer to the “three Years” with a fine style of work.Today is the warm spring, chasing the wind catch the moon mo stay.In 2022, as long as we work together, really strict, dare to be strict, really work hard, yuncheng “three years” on the construction road there is no problem that can not be solved.