DNF: Did tier 110 become popular before it was updated?Full service conflict has taken off!Equipment growth ushered in the second spring

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With the decreasing popularity of The Spring Festival set, warriors gradually began to care about the news of level 110, and the hanbok planning “Yin Mingzhen” took the way of breaking the news is also first test and then update, for example, the CP weapon of level 105 has been sprayed to redo the version, but for the Chinese server, two contents are very important!One is that the crafting on tier 100 equipment will continue to be transferred to the 105SS.The second is to transform equipment out of print, the increase rises again.It wasn’t obvious a few months ago, but now the auction houses are showing signs.- Tier 110 is popular without update?Full service conflict has taken off!Some warriors talk about not looking good at tier 110, but they are trying to increase equipment behind their back!In the middle of February, the auction house contradiction and colorless crystal have skyrocketed, take the increase king “Xu Xu Baby” in cross 6 for example, a contradiction is already 115,000!Colorless small crystal is also about 115, you may think that this is because xu Xu baby to impact 10 thousand red 12 equipment to raise the price, then you can be wrong, Xu Xu baby in severe can not let the contradiction rise tens of thousands of it.Because the contradictions of the whole server are skyrocketing, the current value of cross 5 is 100,000, and even the value of cross 3B is 76,000. In the peak of SS, the contradictions of some regions are as low as 30,000 ~ 40,000, but every few months, you will look at the auction house and exclaim: what happened to Arad!Did you get to level 110 ahead of schedule?Activities can not suppress the momentum of contradictions take off!The key to the second growth of equipment is that China has been giving away “contradictions” and “amplitators” for free. Not only that, but the special materials ozma added to the auction this week are also “contradictions gift boxes”, which can be opened at random up to 1~500 pieces.According to the normal thinking, colorless and contradiction should maintain the original price, and even drop a little.But a number of activities can not pressure the price of contradiction, 800W warriors can be seen to increase the enthusiasm of equipment.Why the second spring of “growth”?Volume in bai!China service threshold is always out of contrast.3 ox Ozma revision, no 18 thousand fame don’t want to join the team, want to be the red team master C?At least 19,000 fame!However, after the average player’s Red 10 equipment is built to a certain extent, such as 18,500, there is no double supremacy but it is difficult to improve the reputation, in this case, choosing red 11 and Red 12 is the fastest way to increase the reputation value.A normal red 10 item has 50 points of fame, red 11 becomes 99!There is a gap of 49 fame, red 12 higher is 158 points, the gap is as high as 108 fame, the whole body 12 pieces of equipment, red 10 after the promotion of 1 level increase is 588 fame, promotion of 2 levels is 1296 fame, the actual will be slightly higher, because the reputation of myth equipment is higher.So Emperor Doudi is no longer far away!You are a successful white whoring player, send props to the tuba, full attendance of these two years, now a red 11 are starting level!Euro emperor has a few red 12’s all right.If not?That’s almost all scattered to build.Like five or six red ten characters.And as a result of the contradictory take off, the civilian that moves brick storm air route also must pay attention to!The equipment in the backpack should also be changed, if the colorless crystal is higher than 92 gold coins, you can choose to decompose white, higher than 76 can decompose blue.Cross 5 and 6 can be considered, cross 3 and other large areas have to let “contradiction” fly for a while.The core reason for the rise of conflict is that level 110 is still dominated by “growth”!But this also brings a soul problem, the civilian tuba is red 11 in succession, reputation is getting higher and higher, then the future wilderness bakar tuan this, the increase is a little small how to do?