A list of domestic wine exhibitions in 2022

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With the arrival of 2022, major domestic wine exhibitions have also released their exhibition arrangements for the New Year.Wineworld has compiled a list of must-see wine fairs in China this year. Check it out!Date: March 24-26 Address: Chengdu West China International Expo City (big Food exhibition area), Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center (wine exhibition area) official website: www.qgtjh.org.cn Introduction:The national sugar &wine trade fair began in 1955 and sponsored by the China sugar alcohol group company, twice a year, spring and autumn season two held so far has successfully held 105 sessions, is China’s food and wine industry has a long history, vast and far-reaching comprehensive exhibition platform, one of the “barometer”, known as China’s food industry, wine industry “barometer”.The 106th National Sugar and Wine Fair is expected to attract more than 9,000 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions, with a total exhibition area of over 400,000 square meters.There will be 10 categories of exhibition areas, including 7 for big food and 3 for wine, including traditional wine exhibition area, wine and international spirits exhibition area and low-alcohol wine and beer exhibition area newly established this year.At the same time, the exhibition will also host a variety of theme forums and industry activities, including two main forums, sugar and wine market and “drunk” sweet trend music festival, etc., which is worth looking forward to.TopWine China Beijing International Wine Exhibition date: April 27-29 Address: Beijing National Convention and Exhibition Center official website: www.topwinechina.cn Introduction:Beijing International Wine Expo has been held since 2010, with Beijing as the center to radiate the northern Chinese wine market. It is a large scale and more professional wine expo in the northern Chinese market.Collection of domestic wine professionals and importer, collect vintage pavilion, gathers a master of the world’s finest wines, content is rich and colorful, not only is in northern China’s leading international professional wine fair, also is a bridge for the spread of wine culture, for lovers, winery and wine enterprises at home and abroad, provides professional wine trade and wine culture communication platform,Play the wine exhibition industry benchmarking strength.Photo source: www.topwinechina.cnSIAL International Food Exhibition (Shanghai) (SIAL Shanghai) Date: May 18-20 Address: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center official website: www.sialchina.cn Introduction:SIAL is the world’s leading food fair, which was founded in 1964 by Gomei Abbot Group. It is held every October in Paris.After that, SIAL series of international food exhibitions began to expand to many cities around the world, held annually in Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Las Vegas, New Delhi, Jakarta and other major cities around the world, now has become the “global food and beverage industry vane”.Since its launch in China in 2000, SIAL China series of international food exhibitions has been successfully held for 22 sessions in China.From May 18th to 20th, 2022, SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shanghai) will be co-hosted by GOMEi Abbot Group and its subsidiary Beijing Abbosia Exhibition Co., LTD.Photo source:www.sialchina.cn the exhibition will cover an area of 180,000 square meters and is expected to attract 4,500 exhibitors and more than 150,000 professionals from all over the world. There will be 12 themed pavilions including high-end beverage pavilions.The exhibition covers 21 major categories including wine and spirits, other alcoholic beverages, fresh meat, cooked food and convenience food.At the same time, the exhibition will also hold ten summit forums and nine wonderful activities, including food kitchen, celebrity chef feast, etc., in order to bring more quality and unforgettable visiting experience for food and wine professionals.At the same time, SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shenzhen) will be held for the first time in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao ‘an New Pavilion) from October 31 to November 2 this year, which is worth a visit.Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition (May 31 — June 2) Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition (Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition)As a professional purchasing fair for China’s import and export wine industry, Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition has been successfully held for dozens of sessions in Shanghai, attracting thousands of excellent suppliers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world with tens of thousands of wine products to participate in the exhibition.The exhibition is expected to cover an area of more than 50,000 square meters and attract more than 2,000 exhibitors and 70,000 professional visitors from around the world.During this exhibition, the international Wine Product label Management, Customs clearance practice and safety Supervision summit will be held, the world wine master class and food and wine matching area will be opened, wine gift seminar, wine tasting and mixology master cup will be held, making people look forward to it.Vinexpo China Shenzhen Date: October 31st – November 2nd Official website: www.vinexposium.com Introduction:In 1981, the first Vinexpo was held in Bordeaux, France, attracting 524 exhibitors from 21 countries and 11,000 visitors from 50 countries.Since then, the exhibition has expanded and rapidly developed into a well-known professional exhibition in the field of wine and spirits, attracting the attention of professionals and related media.Photo source:www.vinexposium.com Recently, Vinexposium announced to cancel the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition, which was scheduled to be held in Hong Kong in May 2022, and choose to debut in Shenzhen from October 31 to November 2.This year’s Vinexpo China will be held.With Vinexpo’s influence in Asia, Vinexpo China in Shenzhen will attract many buyers and media from all over the world.Visitors can also take part in a series of master classes and conferences organised by Vinexpo Academy and curated by internationally renowned wine experts.It is worth noting that Vinexpo China will be jointly held with SIAL International Food Exhibition (Shenzhen), bringing people a feast of food and wine.Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Trade Fair (ProWine Shanghai) Date: November 8-10 Address: W4 Hall -W5 Hall Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center official website: www.prowine-shanghai.com Introduction:Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Trade Fair is jointly organized by Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Co., LTD and China & Han International Conference & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., LTD. It is the leading wine & spirits trade fair in mainland China.The expo’s dotted, such as the opening of a series of high quality wine master class let guests in the tasting wine at the same time also can learn professional knowledge of wine, is worthy of the name of the wine industry festival, is also the Chinese wine market of high need to mix, considered one of the vane of wine and spirits industry.Exhibition Hall of Shanghai New International Expo CenterIn www.prowine-shanghai.com2022, the exhibition will welcome the 10th exhibition since Shanghai International Wine and Spirits Trade Fair was launched in mainland China, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 16,000 square meters, with about 550 exhibitors from all over the world.There will also be a series of promotional events, another event that wine professionals can’t miss.The Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair will be held from November 10 to 12 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong International Wine Fair is one of the leading trade fairs in Asia, offering a wide range of exhibits and information on wine services, such as wine investment products, logistics, wine education and training.Wine show in 2019 as an example, this exhibition brings together 1075 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions, many wonderful programs, including related to wine, whisky, wine, cocktails, Japanese beer, liquor, wine food supplement lectures and trial and cocktail parties, attracted more than 15000 buyers in the industry,It’s a lot of fun.So, what surprises will the new Hong Kong International Wine Show bring to us in 2022?It is worth mentioning that the last day of the Hong Kong International Wine Show is also open to the public, providing wine lovers with an excellent opportunity to taste the fine wines up close.Ctong International Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., LTD., referred to as “CTONG Exhibition”, was established in 2004. Ctong is a professional institution with a large scale and high professional level of imported wine exhibition in mainland China.As a reliable partner for wines from all over the world to enter the Chinese market, Keyon Exhibition has established contacts with 76 wine producing countries, more than 200 wine producing regions and more than 450,000 wineries.At present, besides holding professional exhibitions in major first-tier cities in China,For example, China (Guangzhou) International Wine Exhibition (Interwine Guangzhou), China (Shenzhen) International Wine Exhibition (Interwine Shenzhen), Ketong (Beijing) International Fine Wine and Spirits Exhibition (Interwine)Beijing) and China (Shanghai) International Wine Exhibition (Interwine Shanghai), Cotong exhibition has 12 years of history of touring the country, has successfully held a total of 589 touring exhibitions, footprint throughout the first, second, third and fourth tier cities of the country’s developed economy.Official website: www.interwine.org1. China (Guangzhou) International Wine Exhibition Date: May 15-17 Address: Guangzhou Canton Fair Hall B 9.2-13.2 Photo source: Interwine Address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center Introduction:Since it was first held in 2005, China (Guangzhou) International Wine And Spirits Exhibition has gradually grown into the leading international wine and Spirits exhibition in Asia.The exhibition covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with pavilions such as wineries, international wine bars, brand pavilions, Famous Chinese pubs and international spirits pavilions, attracting more than 1,000 exhibitors from all over the world and gathering fine wines and spirits from all over the world.At the same time, the exhibition will also hold more than 60 high-end customized activities, such as master classes, global award-winning wine tasting, industry summit forums and seminars. It is a wonderful event in the wine industry.Interwine Introduction: As the economic and cultural center of China, Beijing is the forefront of the national wine consumption market.Since its establishment in 2017, Cotong Beijing Exhibition has become a wine and spirits exhibition focusing on the northern fine wine industry in China.Carried out, the global dozens of major wine producing countries will group exhibition, exhibition will be held in same dozens of topics master class, invited wine liquor lecturers teach higher-ups, senior industry, wine, whisky, brandy, such as hot category, and production areas and topics, characteristic and technique, explore diverse wines of the world together.Time: July 6-8 Address: Venetian Macao International Convention and Exhibition Center photo source: Interwine Introduction2022 China (macau) international famous exhibition exhibition area of 30000 square meters, the exhibition will be with the aid of Macao’s unique geographical and policy advantages, make full use of Macao connection characteristics of the mainland, Hong Kong and the international market, combined with rich sources and data resources, create the more loose open exhibition environment, build an internationally influential wine show.4. China (Shanghai) international wine show time: on September 13 to 15, address: Shanghai state exhibition center image: Interwine abstract: as one of the top international metropolis Shanghai, with a lot of alcohol consumption market, attracting a large number of multinational liquor enterprises, overseas winery in the fall to the ground, is one of the center of the wine industry in China.This year, Kotong Wine Exhibition will also enter Shanghai, bringing us wines from all over the world.The exhibition area will be 10,000 square meters, which will be another star platform for professional international wine and spirits exhibition.China (Shenzhen) International Wine Exhibition Date: November 24-26 Address: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center photo source: Interwine Introduction:2022 China (shenzhen) international famous exhibition exhibition area of 30000 square meters, will be held in various countries and regions of special tasting and BBS activities, to industry, special wine producing countries in the Chinese market the present situation and the future in-depth interpretation, for the domestic and foreign wine enterprise, winery and buyers to build top quality wine trade and cultural exchanges platform,Is a luxury lineup of wine industry event.These are some of the major domestic wine events of 2022.However, due to the epidemic situation at home and abroad and many other factors, it is unknown whether the holding time of these exhibitions will be changed. Please continue to pay attention to the official information of wine world and the exhibition, and keep abreast of the latest developments of domestic exhibitions.