72 years old Zhang Yimou again welfare!The price of the new movie sniper has been cut, and netizens complain that it is too cheap

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Zhang Yimou’s new film “Sniper” was considered by industry insiders to be the only Chinese New Year film that could compete with “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake.”Unfortunately, the status quo after the release of the face.The box office of Watergate Bridge has already exceeded 2 billion yuan.Sniper barely broke the 200 million yuan mark!That 10-fold gap is not so easy to bridge.The good news is that sniper’s reputation and ratings are not as low as those of Nagatsu Lake 2, according to statistics.Unfortunately, the number of screenings for “Sniper” is not high, resulting in a relatively low number of viewings.With the opening of the Winter Olympics, Zhang Yimou took the position of chief director of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, which greatly increased the favorable impression of Zhang Yimou among the heavy European audience.Affected by positive news.Zhang Yimou’s new film “Sniper” has seen three days of steady box office growth.And the volume of the row is also vaguely rising, looking at the continued counterattack has the capital!On February 5, Zhang yimou made another welfare offer.China Film Digital Announcement Group, which is in charge of Zhang Yimou’s latest film sniper, will lower ticket prices for the film starting February 7.The new standard will be divided into two categories, the first is category A, 35 yuan per person, and the second is category B, 30 yuan per person.According to zhang Yimou’s newly announced ticket prices, it is not too cheap.More than 20 yuan can see a movie according to zhang Yimou launched the new ticket price.Netizens call it too cheap.Because if you buy tickets through other preferential channels, there may be more than 10 yuan discount.In other words, some people can buy a ticket for zhang Yimou’s new film sniper for 20 yuan.It’s too cheap.Compared with the original 30 or 40 yuan of consumption, obviously reduced a lot.Unexpectedly, Zhang Yimou in order to expand the box office, not hesitate to fight a price war.This is forced, Spring Festival such a big cake.Unfortunately, most of them were divided by The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake. The second “The Killer is not calm”, the box office is not low.But The 72-year-old Zhang yimou’s painstaking “Sniper” barely recouped its cost.It’s really sad.It is worth mentioning that the director of Ma Li’s new film “The Killer is not too calm” is not a director of eighteen lines.The result was an instant hit and a box office hit.Completely easy to crush Zhang Yimou, let a person can not help feeling, the water of the film market is very deep, is not the longer the practitioner, the higher the box office.It has to be said that Zhang yimou has been directing for so long that at the age of 72, how many more films can he make?Perhaps any of his new works will be his last.However, Zhang Yimou’s career, including gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haocun and other girls;His total box office as a director is no more than 5 billion yuan.Such a look Zhang Yimou’s input output ratio, really at the end of the poor.Zhang Yimou is the director of the Olympic Games.What a pity in that respect!Let’s hope Zhang Yimou’s new film is a hit, as the Chinese New Year season has just begun, with more than a month to go.Maybe “Sniper” will get an extension key to play around Tomb-sweeping Day.The total box office hit 600 million, should not be a problem.What do you think of zhang Yimou and his new film sniper?