Jiangxia District Housing and Construction Bureau held a mobilization and deployment meeting for housing and construction work in 2022

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Morning of February 16, jiangxia district live built bureau convened in 2022 to build work will mobilize the deployment, summary review 2021, planning the deployment of 2022, to mobilize the global rapid accepting heart “right up and down, fast” restart cohesion, competing engines “, hand in hand to promote living building enterprise creating something new, to a new level, creating a new situation, new as show.The meeting read out the 2021 annual global performance management comprehensive evaluation notice;Conveyed the spirit of the third plenary meeting of the sixth session of the District Committee and the spirit of the second plenary session of the sixth session of the District Committee for Discipline inspection and the spirit of relevant documents of the District Committee for discipline inspection.Area live built bureau chief representative office party made “coagulation hearts meet force, compete, and write a new chapter” jiangxia live to build high quality development, from efforts to promote “people’s happiness”, power industry “quality development”, bend force woven tightly represent “safety net”, and strive to “reform good voice”, focus on five aspects, such as “a new-look team”It reviewed the spirit and responsibility of housing construction staff in 2021, and summarized the wonderful results of the beginning of the 14th Five-year Plan for housing construction.The meeting stressed that the whole country should work harder and take more measures to ensure stability and promote the healthy development of the real estate industry.We will work hard to ensure the quality of people’s housing.In the “real” word force, high requirements to improve the mass happiness index;In the “cast” word force, high-level planning infrastructure construction;In the “turn” word force, high capacity to promote the development of the construction industry;In the “prevent” word force, high efficiency to ensure social security and stability;We will focus on “excellence”, optimize the business environment with high quality, and continue to add glory to the housing and construction industry by taking action, overcoming difficulties, and taking the lead in housing and construction.Meeting requirements, global context to create “quality vitality and should bear, work diligently, the livelihood of the people, loyal service” five new live built as the goal, on the “learn” the word strong ability, on the word “than” breakthrough and achievements on “dry” word, on the word “suit” best environment, built on the word “keep”, continue to coagulation hearts meet force, competing engines, yong yi,In order to further implement the “five district strategy”, strive to build the “five Jiangxia”, speed up the building of high-quality development demonstration area in the central region to make new contributions to the Party and the people to hand over satisfactory “answer paper”, with excellent results to meet the party’s “20” victory held!Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com