Is hot maggie united cure effect good?How to maximize the effect of hot maggie?

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Skin aging refers to the aging damage of skin function, which reduces the ability of skin to protect and regulate the body, and changes the overall appearance of skin color, skin quality and shape due to the inability of skin to adapt to the changes of internal and external environment.Combination therapy with hot maggie can improve this phenomenon very well.Why does this happen?First, there is the natural aging of the skin.With the growth of age, the barrier function of the skin is reduced, the function of the auxiliary organs is reduced and the skin metabolism is slowed down, resulting in the skin relaxation, fine wrinkles and accompanied by dry skin, desquamation, repair and other problems.Secondly, skin photoaging.The damage of ultraviolet radiation in the sun results in the structural changes of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, and the original function is gradually lost.The main manifestations of photoaging are skin laxity, hypertrophy, deep and coarse wrinkles, accompanied by obvious dryness and desquamation.How to achieve skin rejuvenation?There are a number of non-surgical approaches that can be used to address this problem. One solution is a combination therapy that combines the rejuvenating and rejuvenating effects of Fraxel with the non-surgical radiofrequency tightening effects of Thermage.The procedure, known in the industry as “Thermafrax”, has been praised by beauty seekers for its clinical results.How does Thermafrax fight signs of aging?First of all, Thermage skin tightening enhancement Thermage through the monopole loop radio frequency technology energy transfer to the deep skin, to stimulate the dermal collagen fiber contraction and stimulate the skin collagen continuous new deposition purpose.It can help beauty users to achieve 3D skin tightening, improve the contour of the jaw line, improve the law lines, reduce wrinkles and other effects.Thermage can be used on the face, eyes and other parts of the body with no downtime.Fraxel is a dot array laser technology that targets skin problems in the more superficial layers of the dermis and epidermis.It has 1550nm&At two wavelengths of 1927nm, the laser beam only shines on a small portion of the skin per treatment, forming tiny areas of thermal damage while the surrounding tissue remains intact, thereby promoting rapid healing.Clinically, Fraxel is used to treat skin pigmentation and aging problems, including improving skin tone and texture, reducing fine lines and removing discoloration.Fraxel is most commonly used on facial skin but can also be used on other parts of the body such as the neck, chest and hands.As well as Thermage and Fraxel combination, 1+1 > 2Thermafrax is a way to combine the treatment of deep and shallow skin problems, which can make the skin rejuvenation improvement effect more obvious.It has the advantages of short downtime and recovery period, one treatment can see a significant effect, suitable for all skin types and so on.What is Thermafrax treatment process?Your doctor will perform the Thermage treatment first, which takes about 60-90 minutes.Fraxel treatment can be performed about a week after Thermage treatment, and can take about 5-10 minutes (the interval varies depending on the patient’s recovery and time for follow-up visits).How soon can we see the effect?When you complete Thermage treatment, you will experience a 20% change in firmness, which will gradually show up and peak at 3-6 months as collagen is regenerated.The results of Fraxel showed signs of improvement with the shedding of old skin and increased collagen regeneration within three months.The two treatments can synergistically stimulate collagen regeneration, so as to achieve “1+1 >;2 “effect.