How did people celebrate the Ancient Lantern Festival in Jinan?

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Shangyuan Bamboo branch: The Lantern Festival in Jinan in the early Qing Dynasty style of the Lantern Festival, the ancients called shangyuan Festival.This festival has been a very grand Chinese festival since ancient times.How did people celebrate the festival in Jinan during the Qing Dynasty?What are its unusual customs?Today’s festival is approaching, this article will share with readers what the literature has reached.The moat | photography: Shao Kai according to qianlong “over county annals · regional test three” : “thorough fares of sweet dumpling, pomp, put a torch;Men and women group swim, that: walk all diseases.Cross the bridge and put the river light.Is also the month, female drop needle workers, children into the villa, agriculture in the si.”During the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Tang Menglai, a famous poet in Jinan, wrote ji ‘nan Shangyuan Zhuzhi Ci, and there were as many as 14 poems.What is valuable is that the poems are not only about the Yuan Night, but from day to night, from officials to people, from markets to places of interest, from playing in costumes to colorful lanterns, and men, women and children.In fact, the Lantern Festival in Ji ‘nan between the Kangxi period in the early Qing Dynasty is a full range of description and display.Tang Menglai (1627-1698) styled himself Jiwu, also known by his literary names Lanting and Bao Yan.Qing Ji ‘nan Government Zichuan county people.Qing Shunzhi six years (1649) Jinshi, to ordinary Jishi, three years later zhuilan Academician review.On shuyan things, was charged with words “cut straight”, after the dismissal of the official happy home, dedicated to writing.He wrote “Zhihe Tang Collection” and compiled kangxi “Ji ‘nan Government Annals” and “Zichuan County Annals”.Gongshiwen, wang Shizhen said: “poetry near dongpo, wenzhuang mengzhuang”, hundreds of thousands of words written in his life, are extremely poor li Ao, brilliant family.The following is Tang Menglai “Ji ‘nan Shangyuan Zhuzhi Ci” (fourteen) : seventy spring wine flag, magpie lake wind Yang green difference.Western suburbs get visitors sheng, Baotu Spring see imperial monument.Thousands of Buddha lingyan all the way green, wufeng Taoist play by night.Broussonetia qian Xiang horse jing Jing drum, worship to tiansun Puzhao Pavilion Taishan Pavilion built forehead.Junfu sent over chupu, father idle street as drunk help.Fish key li qiao three arrows, idle patrol team jinwu Zhang Zhongcheng South Ming is strictly prohibited, one is bo act extinction.Peace autumn, more than eleven years this tour.Temple always urge drum club, shengge always let Shouting Hou.Fangfang mask dance lang, solution zhongnan Jinshi busy.A school of sheng xiao where, wrapped head high bun big Fan king.Cui skirt sleeves laugh low, 侲 child cluster street flags.Head shaking head shoulder back, old ginger ginger temples such as silk.Singing stuffy waiting for yuehua rise, the team set sun temporary rope skipping.A burst of xiangjie Jing Yule, from jiangbei Dragon dance.Ma Aosan too ripe, sarong face to write Cui Ying.Who imagines a good hand, a few grape lake shiming.Paddle fishing boat to answer back, loose Yin dian corner small bit cup.Ming Lake where pick green good, North Pole high ye Temple to.Custom fragrant boudoir do not go out, Guolang Bao Lao Clamour.Dish flower mold clothing who family, wine shop drape dozen.Also made song feast see small actor, painted screen zhuhai according to the stars.Wen Company ma Spring Festival couplets, straight for horizontal channels motto is zun Court Horse.Do not reduce the mountain Yang old drunk, young skirt clog when the lu.Call lu catch dust muddy busyaffairs, since the memory sing spring Gaofu recall Mr. East.Snow high – rise lu Temple, ask the mountain pavilion yesterday.Shaoling son solid tang, selling cake is difficult to find the old son.Zhao Ling garden for Buddha 陁, lotus north Zhu closed doors.Happy to have the east running water, every get to carry wine that Zhang Sishui garden pavilion.According to the Collection of Zhihe Hall by Tang Menglai, this poem was written in Bingyin, the first month of the 25th year of Kangxi (1686), more than 330 years ago.The first the first sentence is: “seventy flag name spring liquor”, shows the typical weather: jinan Lantern Festival, big and small spring premises, almost all fluttering flags, wine and wine attract customers, jinan people use QingQuanShui brew wine, became the main festival, with today’s modern words, this is a “spring economy” boom.This scene and Kangxi wrote “excited turbulence” on the baotu Spring engraved on the so-called “imperial monument”, become the most bright things in the Lantern Festival.The second: “Thousands of Buddha lingyan green all the way”, is the early spring scene of Jinan green.However, the poem focuses on the “Ye God” activities of Jinan people from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival.According to The Qianlong “Licheng County annals · regional examination three” : “Meng Chunyue……Visit all shrines and feast.”This worship of god’s team, from Jinan qianfo Mountain, Lingyan Temple, Wufeng Mountain, up to Mount Tai, can be described as spectacular to the.He wrote that gambling is strictly forbidden during festivals, as well as in peacetime.It is worth noting that this does not affect people’s entertainment activities, and see, “the old idle street as drunk help”, this state of drunkenness, it can be known that Jinan at this time all in the festival “addiction” atmosphere.The fourth song: “Peaceful autumn”, the period entered the middle period of Kangxi, the people had no peaceful days of war and flames for decades, and Tang Menglai had not spent the Lantern Festival in the provincial capital for more than ten years.The above mentioned ji ‘nan people mighty “ye God” activities, however, one of the most powerful god is who?Guan Yu, Guan Sheng emperor, Han Shou Ting is his title.In the Beijing Opera “Mandew Temple”, Qiao Guolao has a long section of singing that everyone knows: “He (Liu Bei) has a second brother, Han Shou Ting Hou, green dragon crescent gods and ghosts are sad.”Jinan people worship the most quality is: righteousness.There are many Guandi temples in Jinan, which is because guan Yu was impressed by the noble and righteous spirit on his body and infected the Jinan people who chongwen and righteousness.Guan Yu is the embodiment of the spirit of “wealth and power cannot be corrupted, poverty and base cannot be removed, and power and force cannot be compromised”.The fifth song, “Fangfang mask dancer Lang Dang”, depicts the scene of Hanging zhong kui’s picture and dancing zhong Kui to pray for good fortune and exorcise evil spirits during festivals in Jinan.”Zhongnan Jinshi”, the elegant name of Zhong Kui, Zhong Kui for the early Tang Dynasty Yongzhou Zhongnan gucheng people, strange appearance, in Taoism was awarded as “town house blessing saint Jun”.The sixth: “cui skirt cover sleeve laughter low”, is the performance of the Lantern Festival folk dress up as a lively scene.When the street cluster face colorful flags, majestic;However, the common people most familiar with, appreciate or “ginger old back jiang old woman”, these performance common people conjugal love “head quiver head shake shoulder on the back” of the funny performance is the most grounded gas ah, no wonder at ordinary times smile mo leakage teeth cui skirt girl also could not help but whisper to mask sleeve and smile!Photography: Sword of Cutting Clouds”The extension stuffy yuet rise”, says that people are impatiently waiting for the moment to can good night watching lanterns, as at this time, there are unexpected “wonderland” – that’s schoolchildren in the afternoon, people are doing “jump rope” team games, suddenly full of festival atmosphere “sweet street”, there is enough to disturb the carriage movement, jade, jade horse runs, refers to the horse;It turned out that the dragon dance team, vast and mighty open over.Dragon dance is a traditional dance originated in China. Dragon dance and lion dance are heroic and vigorous in style.Jiangnan is the winner.Three hundred years ago, Jinan was very popular.The eighth: “turn horse ao Shan too ripe”, finally turn to enjoy the lamp time.Aoshan, the Lantern Festival with lanterns stacked into a mountain, like the legendary giant turtle.Obviously, this is a large set of lanterns.As for a single variety of lanterns, people like the story of the Western chamber most, to Cui Yingying, Zhang Sheng’s love story as the content of the theme and the production of lanterns, which also shows the romantic and sentimental Jinan people, especially for a better love life yearning and pursuit of it.The Lantern Festival is a time for skillful craftsmen to show their skills.What tang Menglai praised was the beautiful shape of grapes hanging on the green trees by the daming Lake. We could not describe the shape of these lanterns, but could only imagine it through tang’s poem: “Who imagines a good hand, and a few grapes, lakes and rocks”.The ninth: “paddle fishing boat to answer back”, but it is down to open a pen, write daming Lake Lantern Festival scenery.At the corner of daming Lake’s Songyin Hall, there are people who drink with cups in their mouths and enjoy the festival. In particular, they will enjoy the food of “Chuangqing” before and after the Temple of Ye Ye.Qingming eat snail lion, with a needle to pick out the lion meat, called “pick green”.Because the lion before qingming, tender meat, taste the best.This is daming Lake, ji ‘nan as a water town specialty food.Song 10: “Custom fragrant boudoir don’t go out”, it is about the cultural entertainment activities in the tea garden during the Festival in Jinan.”Guo Lang” and “Bao Lao” are the two titles of the puppet in the puppet show, which refers to the art of singing and singing.At this time, the custom of Jinan is “xiangboudoir does not go out”, and those young literati, but in the festival, must drink, singing, crazy play a can not.The eleventh and twelfth poems are about the festival life of sun Guangqi and Gao Heng, two senior officials and poets.Ministry of war assistant minister sun guang si (怍 court) to the government, the home is in SiMaFu (now QuanCheng Road department store building right), and inkstone in jinan north creek village villa, he will be held from time to time by the singer (1) a cover song feast vomiting-inducing toasts, the younger generation poets Wang Yisheng is “man ting fang sun 怍 court years” villa to leave one’s comments “, said the “idle wash mu, red sleeve dance dress” “xi honour before spot garment ribbon went,Jade and jade “(see qing dynasty engraved version of Mei Ting Grass), all described is its song feast scene.However, Sun Guangsi has expertise is not known today, from this poem, he is like the Song Dynasty “Wen gong” Sima Guang general, are writing Spring Festival couplets master, he wrote Spring Festival couplets, can be compared with “Mr. Horizontal canal”, horizontal canal, the Northern Song Dynasty thought everyone Zhang Zai is also, his famous words:Feng Youlan, a contemporary philosopher, called “Four lines of horizontal canal” : “To set up heart for heaven and earth, to set up life for the people, to keep learning for the past saints, and to open peace for all ages”.And official department assistant minister Gao Hang high east, to read, is another kind of character, “no less sanyo drinkers, old young DE patinagem DE skirt have be lu”, is its informal, Bohemian sublimity of elegant appearance, even the “young DE patinagem DE dress” and see its young, especially for the pursuit of beauty and love, this is actually a “alternative” in the top.And this additional kind is to need true ability true ability to learn, especially to the unique comprehension of aesthetic life.(To be continued) Author: Hou Lin Hou Huan Source: Wind incense under the calendar