Forget that you can only buy out the shared battery, 199 expensive?

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Eat a guan Dong to cook also not clean, borrow a charge treasure also have no place to return, donate an old clothes also do not know where to go, return a bluetooth headset also by unreasonable refuse……Today’s consumer world for workers is not so rosy.Every Monday to Friday, xiao Xin will broadcast information to everyone, welcome to blow water together.According to a report by China Business News, the number of complaints about calls from black cat has reached nearly 4,000, with high ceilings, difficult borrowing and disorderly withholding fees being the most frequent complaints.Reporter investigation also found that the cost of the call is not unified.For the same type of charging bank, the maximum price is 100 yuan in ordinary places in urban areas, but the buy-out price is 199 yuan in stations and other areas triggered by high frequency of emergency demand.Borrowing is difficult, the disorderly deduction fee is not only the call, but 199 yuan cap buy-out fee currently appears in the call platform, the total cap of most other charging treasure platform is 99 yuan.A shared charger practitioner told reporters that the buy-out price of the charger industry is mostly 99 yuan, and only a few brands have the so-called fast charger charger buy-out price is more expensive.(via China Business News)/Xiao Xin: If you can’t sell it, you can only buy it at a high price. Isn’t this a hidden version of forced selling?On March 15, mystery writer Zijin Chen posted her certificate on her Micro blog, saying that she had become an ambassador for ningbo Consumers’ Association to promote their rights and interests.In May last year, he exposed an injection deception to “1818 Golden Eye”. The traditional Chinese medicine museum declared that the Chinese medicine particles were crushed into one percent of the size of water molecules and injected into the body to ensure that the medicine for lumbago was effective, and said that this magical therapy called “small molecule purification and inflammation” had also cured CAI Shaofen.Figure/” 1818 gold eyes “in hindsight, caishaofen never treat any disease in ningbo, and zijin Chen also deceived” keep not waist, spent 4000 multivariate also damage the body, he decided to through the media exposure, caused more than 10 million people watched events on weibo, and subsequent investigation found the victim of a “small molecules to eliminate inflammation needle” he more than one.This time, he became the ambassador of public welfare publicity. The column group of “1818 Golden Eye” interacted in the comment area: “Deserved it!”/ Xin: Whoever tries to fool people again, write him into a novel.Zhong Qiding, director of the National Food Quality Inspection and Testing Center, said in an interview with Zhongxin Finance that the prepared food industry has become a new outlet in the food industry amid the development of the home economy.Data show that in 2021, the scale of China’s prepared vegetable market is 345.9 billion yuan. According to the annual compound growth rate of 20%, China’s prepared vegetable market may exceed trillion yuan in the next 6-7 years, and in the long term, China’s prepared vegetable market is expected to achieve more than 3 trillion yuan.However, many prepared dishes are mainly OEM, few brands directly produced, so it is inevitable that the quality of the mass production process “overturned”.”So food safety is a big issue.In the face of these problems, we should step up efforts to promote the formulation of standards for products related to prepared vegetables, strengthen supervision and random inspection, and make the random inspection results public in a timely manner to ensure the transparency of the results.”(via China News network, CCTV finance)/Xin: Mass production also have to ensure quality, don’t pick up the sesame and lose the watermelon./ hema and Ding Dong to buy food on the bar a few days ago, Hema CEO Hou Yi in the circle of friends to ding Dong to buy food, said ding Dong to buy food “estimated to burst soon……The disorderly expansion of investors’ capital and price subsidies won’t last long.In addition, Hou yi posted a video of “Hema Hou Yi continuously bombarded dong, and investors and founders responded.”This is not the first time Hou Yi in the circle of friends to buy food across the air shot, the reason for many times “porcelain” Ding Dong buy food, on the one hand, perhaps because the stock price performance of Ding Dong buy food is really poor, on the other hand, both sides are from Shanghai grow up fresh e-commerce, inevitably some competition.As of December 2021, Ding Dong Mai CAI has more than 100 pre-positions in Shanghai, and the data of QuestMobile in September 2021 also shows that ding Dong Mai CAI monthly active users have surpassed Hema to become the no.1 fresh food e-commerce provider in China.(via Consumers who jump from one App to another will change their minds quickly.The recycling bins for used clothes, which can be seen everywhere in urban neighborhoods, are from what organization?Where did the clothes go?On the eve of “March 15”, a reporter’s investigation found that on the Taobao platform, it is not necessary to provide any public fundraising qualification certificate, 400 yuan can be customized a used clothes recycling box, the text on the box can be printed at will, some businesses even suggested printing “charity federation” to attract citizens to donate.An insider who used to run the business told that the business is “highly profitable”. In the first year, 200,000 yuan was invested to buy the recycling boxes and make connections, “easily earning 500,000 to 600,000 yuan a year.” The profit would be even higher if the old clothes were picked and sold.(VIA Xin: How did donations made on the basis of trust end up being untrustworthy?/ How to buy without a buyer’s show?According to Chongqing Daily, when the wechat mini program Tao CAI CAI entered the platform to browse product information, it could not see buyers’ comments on the merchants or products.Later, the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Consumers’ Committee said that users have the right to evaluate the commodities after purchasing them on the online platform, and the e-commerce platform does not give consumers the opportunity to evaluate the commodities, which will make it difficult for the subsequent consumers to obtain objective, true and accurate commodity information, and the information cognition of the commodities on the platform will be biased.On March 14, red Star Capital bureau test found that Tao CAI dishes micro program product information page, there is no user evaluation page, and in taobao App, Tao App, can see the relevant user evaluation of goods.Tao Caicai micro program related person in charge said that Tao Caicai has three service ports, currently only the micro program due to the version of the update can not be online this function.(Via Chongqing Daily, Red Star Capital Bureau)/Xiao Xin: The technical problem is not a good excuse, the information gap between buyers and sellers is obvious./7-11, this is not the first time recently, the reporter undercover 7-11 bright Maqiao shop, exposed the kitchen mess, found a lot of uncomfortable operation.Photo/Visual China at your favorite convenience store, Kwandong Cooking, the kelp basket may be fresh off the trash;A “cockroach patch” on the side of a disposable lid;A hot drink that has been on the shelf for more than 13 days is considered overdue.The phenomenon of unclean kitchen after catering is not the first time to be exposed, but the business is still aware of the law, in the red line of reputation damage mad test, whether it is not in place training staff, or the development of the process is not reasonable, hold the luck of the catering brand will eventually be their own bad faith.(Via Life this moment)/Shin: The media one by one exposure, the kitchen is still dirtier than the last./ What kind of seven days without a reason?Xiao He, a college student, was rejected by an e-commerce platform for returning a Bluetooth headset because it had been unsealed after he removed the plastic envelope, Beijing Daily reported.While making a “seven days without any reason to return” commitment, but told “opened goods can not return”, online shopping merchants “insincere” stumped many consumers.Now, this online shopping disease has been regulated.From March 15, e-commerce operators will no longer be able to reject customers’ requests for seven-day returns without any reason on the grounds that goods have been opened, according to the Supreme People’s Court’s Rules on the Application of The Law to The Trial of Online Consumer Dispute Cases (1).Of course, the premise is that consumers should ensure that the goods are in good condition and do not affect the second sale.(VIA Beijing Daily)/Xiao Xin: How do you know if you should return something without opening it?On March 15th, zhejiang Consumer Protection Commission and provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued consumption tips for emerging entertainment activities such as “play killing” and “escape from secret rooms”.Part of the script, the chamber of secrets with terror, shock, bloody and other elements, it is suggested that consumers choose carefully according to their age and psychological bearing capacity, the first player can try the script of entry level or the chamber of secrets, ready for adequate psychological preparation.In the process of the game, many escape rooms have NPCS playing the role of terror, consumers in the process of the game because of too excited, afraid that they might beat up the role players and other extreme behavior.Consumers should follow the arrangement of the staff in the experience process, abide by the rules of the game, and avoid irrational behavior causing personal injury.(Via Sina Finance)/Shin: NPCS are just good actors. Don’t treat them like human hack-bags.”Yoko Yamashita: My Danshari” (Japan) by Yoko Yamashita, Translated by Zhang Lu hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, 2022-2 Have you prepared a room for a better future?A room where work can be done more smoothly and where one’s strengths can be used;A room that satisfies one’s interests;A room where the family can feel comfortable…Everyone can have an ideal home, a space to deal with.As people spend more time at home and more time with their possessions and daily hassles, the awareness of Tanshari needs to be raised.Too much stuff not only puts pressure on space, but also on the mind.For those of you who feel like you can’t do Dansahel, there are some simple things you can do.Danshari is not about tidying up, it’s about creating a house that helps you achieve your goals in life.That’s why Danshari can make life better.Do you borrow a power bank when you go out?On duty: Hua Qixin Proofread: Wu Yuyan Head picture: “Zhiming and Charming” original title: “Share the Charging Treasure, your heaven”