Are you really anemic?Occurrence these situations still may be deficiency of qi and blood!

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It was the end of the year — the busiest month for Xiaowen company. After working for nearly a month, She gradually felt that her body could not bear.Not only is her face getting worse and worse, but sometimes her heart beats faster and her chest feels tight. However, because these conditions do not affect her life, she has not paid much attention to them and only regarded them as the after-effects of busy work.Truly let Xiao Wen cause attention, is that night in the company to work overtime, as usual as sitting on the station but suddenly feel a whirl, strong support slow for a while to slow over.This can frighten Xiaowen, hurriedly checked the Internet, found that heart palpitations chest tightness, white lips, dizziness and so on are anaemic symptoms.However, is Xiaowen anaemic so really?With anaemia similar, traditional Chinese medicine thinks when appear afore-mentioned when the symptom of Xiaowen, it is qi and blood deficiency brings about very likely.There are many reasons for qi and blood deficiency. Staying up late for a long time like Xiaowen’s, it is easy to consume and damage liver and blood, leading to qi and blood deficiency. In addition, surgery, childbirth and female menstruation can also cause qi and blood deficiency.So, when we appear in daily life because of a series of reasons like Xiaowen anemia symptoms we should do?Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people with deficiency of qi and blood can help replenish qi and blood by taking proprietary Chinese medicines that have the effect of replenishing qi and blood.In the choice of Chinese patent medicine, you can choose Yongsheng he Ejiao from Beijing Tongrentang.Its main ingredients such as donkey skin, cooked rehmannia root, angelica has the effect of blood and blood, and licorice root, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, astragalus and other herbs has the very good replenishing qi qi effect, the dwarf lilyturf, jade bamboo and has the effect of Yin nourishing the stomach, the fungicides, can make blood symbiosis, moisten the zang-fu organs, with composite party “medicine glue” for the deficiency of qi and blood, tonifying qi and blood, the crowdRelieve a series of uncomfortable symptoms caused by qi and blood deficiency.For office workers like Xiaowen who often stay up late, they should not forget to replenish qi and blood in time while overusing it.In view of the needs of these people to replenish qi and blood, Yongsheng He Ejiao also fully takes into account the taking experience of office workers in terms of taking methods. There are many ways such as making powder and taking it with meals when making soup and porridge. People can choose it according to their own conditions and preferences.At the same time, when you have symptoms such as pale complexion, dizziness, heart palpitations and insomnia, maybe you are not really anaemic, but just deficiency of qi and blood, so do not worry about it, eat some Yongsheng He Ejiao can alleviate it!