Why is Samsung’s QD-OLED TV delayed due to internal strife?

2022-05-03 0 By

At CES earlier this year, SONY beat Samsung to launch the world’s first QD-OLED TV, which attracted a lot of attention in the industry.So, as Samsung’s leading QD-OLED, why SONY took the lead, what is the reason behind it?Recently, South Korean media TheElec provided some answers and information.The reason is that The price of QD-OLED panels has caused delays within Samsung.TheElec reported on February 8 that Samsung electronics (maker of Samsung TV) and Samsung display (supplier of qd-oled panels) have stalled negotiations over the price of qd-oled panels.Since late last year, the two Samsung brands have been “at odds” over the pricing of QD-OLED panels, delaying the launch of Samsung’s QD-OLED TVS at CES.Samsung Electronics wants to require Samsung Display to supply its QD-OLED panels at the same price as LG Display’s W-OLED panels, the sources said.However, Samsung Display has refused to sell qD-OLED panels for $100 more than LGD’s W-OLED panel. As a result, Samsung qD-OLED TV has no specific launch schedule.Earlier, the media reported that Samsung’S QD-OLED TV will be launched in the middle of this year, but from the current situation, if the two sides continue to fight over price, then Samsung’s first QD-OLED launch time may continue to be delayed.At present, SONY has been around the QD-OLED TV market layout, and the positioning is clearly defined, that is, a higher than its WOLED TV, and it is said that it may be officially launched in March this year in China and other global markets.In this case, SONY will beat Samsung in promoting QD-OLED TVS.What Samsung will do with QD-OLED TVS will also be the focus of the industry.