Total elements to build the winter Olympics peripheral core security

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Cute cute little robot post “identity officer”, multi-sign perception equipment upgrade and has 7 functions, the venue surrounding the Olympic community installed smart access control, full of New Year city landscape together appear……Faced with the test of closed loop and COVID-19, Beijing has built a hard core epidemic prevention barrier to ensure the security of the capital, the Winter Olympics and the public.Build a barrier in jingxi, sihuan travelling, yuyuantan south road, west cui road and fuxing road after the surrounding HuaXi Live wukesong, culture and tourism is the first national culture and tourism consumption cluster areas at night, every year hundreds of games for concerts, sports events and other activities, attracting millions of viewers, is hot in Beijing new landmark and basketball.The Wukesong Sports Center, an integral part of it, hosted the first match of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team on Feb 3.The prevention and control of the epidemic has been regarded as the top priority of the Service guarantee for the Winter Olympics.It is not easy to achieve a complete closed loop in a densely populated commercial area surrounded by residential areas, and it is even more difficult to separate the inside athletes from the outside spectators inside the venue.In the face of the spread of the epidemic, the winter Olympics epidemic prevention and urban prevention of the integration of the promotion, but also to the external support team increased not a small difficulty.In order to perfect and optimize the guarantee scheme, they rehearsed and redrafted again and again.”Ensure personnel do not cross, route does not overlap, need to fall, fall fine, implement each work.”The 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing haidian district, the running security headquarters wukesong sports centre and the peripheral security group deputy chief secretary of the party working NieJunJie wanshou road, streets, told reporters earlier street venues one kilometer safeguard scope, set up a security zone and physical isolation HuaXi business district, have foot isolation and the power of public health, timing of peripheral areas disinfection,Ensure the complete separation of olympic-related personnel from social elements.In wukesong games venues in the periphery safeguard, the staff is focused on the butt joint, in accordance with the “territorial peripheral, peripheral buy center of gravity, center of gravity of the venue” train of thought, real-name venues surrounding area important guarantee for implementation of security personnel to fall a layout-design, formed the wukesong sports center stadium peripheral security plan “, is the games are in the city periphery safeguard plan template.At the same time, they strengthened the normal supervision and emergency response of key industries and people, and set up temporary nucleic acid testing sites in 27 communities and wukesong Sports Center and venues, in a synchronized and concerted effort to fight the epidemic.Science and technology empowerment to Beijing is trying to become an international center of scientific and technological innovation, a large number of high-tech concentrated appearance, also become a good helper for the Winter Olympics security.With more and more intelligent equipment installed around the venue, civil defense, physical defense and technical defense are skillfully integrated.At the spectator entrance of wukesong Sports Center, 12 cute security service robots provide contactless services.These robots are identification “officer”, the audience by face recognition, ticket check code, identification of id card, medicare card after any way provide identity information, can be completed within one second authentication, intelligent temperature measurement, health code query and query of vaccination eight processes, realize the safe, convenient and rapid transit.Outside the venue, four intelligent service robots provided information guidance, interactive q&A and the whole process of the Winter Olympics explanation to the audience.Two holographic gaze cameras and three zoom cameras were added to the square outside the venue to achieve all-round high-definition monitoring of the square and greatly improve the ability of emergency command and dynamic control.All communities involved in the Olympic Games within one kilometer of the Wukesong Sports Center have completed the construction of smart access control and other safe and smart projects, improving the quality of life of surrounding residents.”We want to make the audience feel the temperature of wanshou Road, the high quality of Haidian district and the charm of Beijing hosting the Winter Olympics,” Nie said.In zhongguancun South Street, capital Stadium in the stadium of the epidemic prevention of high-tech attention.The capital gymnasium stadium run team Zhao Chengfang tells a reporter, deputy director of the health and epidemic prevention in the capital stadium venue groups registered partition, partition linkage running partitions and epidemic prevention, and closed loop inside and outside the linkage, venues and earthly linkage, do “partition don’t overlap, streamline crossover and interface inter-district” strict control, personnel is not, embedding the epidemic events related to each unit.The novel coronavirus detection technology of biological aerosol and the smart thermometer for large-scale monitoring have become the “trump card” for epidemic prevention.The Winter Olympic Games have opened just in time for the Spring Festival holiday, and the city landscape of the Winter Olympics has been officially unveiled.At the northwest corner of the intersection of Fuxing road and Xicui Road, a landscape sculpture with the theme of fighting ice hockey players has been erected, attracting passers-by to take photos.The sculpture is composed of more than 20,000 pieces of old wood, which is the largest winter Olympics sculpture landscape in China made of garden wastes and other materials. It shows the spirit of ice hockey players striving hard and striving for the first place.Epidemic prevention tents, ticket inspection tents, on-site headquarters and emergency control rooms were hung with Chinese knots, red lanterns and light belts, and red carpets were laid to create a civilized, peaceful and warm Chinese cultural atmosphere in the “Double Olympic City”.In Haidian District alone, a total of 19 sites around tiancun Mountain, Capital Stadium, Wukesong Stadium, Zhongguancun Square and other areas are designed to create a festive atmosphere of the Winter Olympics around the masses.What has been upgraded is not only the “make-up” of the festival, but also the “appearance level”.Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Haidian District operation security headquarters of the Capital Stadium venue group peripheral security group deputy leader, North Xiaguan sub-district Party working Committee secretary Wang Lingzhi told reporters that they around the capital Stadium venue group to carry out environmental construction projects, the implementation of the South river environmental improvement project and the Transformation of Wutasi Road.By leveling the site, paving the park road and improving the slow traffic system, the three lines of road, water and green are integrated around the venue.By erecting a bridge, connecting the two stadiums in the south and the north, the 730-meter long south River’s first body section is connected with the slow-moving system on both sides of the whole river.And the means of environmental improvement, such as afforestation, widening footpath, electric power facilities, and winter Olympics element decoration, have transformed Wutasi Road from a shabby back street with sewage flowing into a pleasant and green winter Olympics element landscape road.Now, some venues around the planting of wintersweet, red plum, plum beauty, apricot plum has come into bloom.The plum blossom represents the noble character of the Chinese nation, which is not afraid of difficulties, persevering, strong and independent.This refreshing plum fragrance will accompany the most beautiful blossom of the Winter Olympics on the field.(Information source: Economic Daily News client)