Too soft to be a qualified leader!The Nets can have today, Durant is also responsible

2022-05-03 0 By

Who would have thought that the Nets, who were in a seven-game tie with the Bucks last season, would be the team they are now, with Durant taking off all by himself and harden healthy and a deep roster that should have a better record this season? Why not?Is it really because of Owen?In fact, otherwise, the Nets can play to today’s situation, Durant also has a lot of responsibility.The seemingly harmonious Nets are in fact upsurge, after all, the constant loss always leads to resentment, and even Harden admitted he was confused by the situation.Inevitably there will be fans will say, is the Nets facing disintegration?In fact, Xiao Feng feel that the disintegration is basically impossible, although there are rumors coming, but everyone like mirror, such a lineup can not interpret the dream, where to go more appropriate?What’s more, the cost of renewing the Nets with changing other teams is huge, the most direct embodiment is the amount of money.Why feng said, the Nets can have such a situation today, Durant is very responsible for it?Because the Nets from top to bottom are lack of a kind of give up the bully, Durant is the leader of the Nets, we can not deny durant’s superstar attributes, but have to admit that Durant is really not a qualified leader.Look at cp3, he doesn’t average a lot of points per game, but who dares to question cp3’s ability to lead a team, basketball is a five-man game, Durant just trained his number to the full level, without considering whether his teammates can keep up with him to play strange upgrades.Sure, Durant does have the ability to carry a team, but his temper is just too good, which is probably why Durant has never been able to get past James.Look at what Kobe did back in the day, even crying his teammates, but can Durant?His character decided his height, and the whole Nets team seems to inherit the mantle of Durant, almost everyone is good temper, Harden, Irving, Aldridge, Mills, are good boy, take what to compete with others, the game has not started, psychological has been in the wind.Of course, the problem of nets more than that, durant’s tolerance, let us see his poise, but the final result is directly pit the nets and went far, ‘said young Jordan playing well, rely on the relationship with durant in the team go sideways, to close, said everyone know Kevin durant have a good relationship with Nash,But everyone knew Nash was the biggest problem for the Nets, and Durant put up with it, and the front office had to put up with it along with Durant.In fact, in Feng’s view, the management is completely unnecessary to do so, last season’s failure is not so let Jordan go?Is there any need to obsess over Nash?There’s no way Durant is leaving the Nets. He’s already tied to them for $198 million over four years. Can Durant afford to wait? Can Harden?How many games did you play with all three?I don’t think any coach would be at that level.Durant has a heart of love, he wants to use their own actions to drive the teammates, but he forgot it’s basketball, garbage and physical confrontation is homely border, nice guy will only ruin the Kevin durant, will only ruin the nets, will only ruin the big three, if durant still not alert, the nets to estimate suspended this season.Today’s topic is here, the above views are only Xiaofeng’s personal views, please forgive the deficiencies.