Beat the drum and urge the march to start again

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On February 7th, the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, Peng Qinghua, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, visited some provincial units and expressed his New Year greetings to cadres and staff, thanked them for their hard work in the past year, and conducted research and guidance to do a good job in this year’s work.He stressed, be firm with xi jinping, the new era of Chinese characteristic socialism as the instruction, the full implementation of the major policies of the CPC Central Committee and the provincial party committee decision deployment, with energetic energy, drums played again, courageously barge pole to a new journey, have a concerted effort to promote this year the province each work, a good step, with excellent grades to meet the large and 20 provinces held the 12th congress of victory.Provincial CPPCC chairman, provincial Party committee united Front Work Department Minister Tian Xiangli attended the visit.The news media is the mouthpiece of the Party and the people, and also an important channel for the Party to contact the people.Qing-hua peng came to sichuan radio and television stations, sichuan daily newspaper group, called a line of editorial staff and workers’ representatives, studying the journalistic process, all the media platform and intelligence media technology application demonstration, understanding to carry out the “new grassroots” interview report, publicity planning major themes, advancing the media depth fusion, carry forward the socialist core values, and so on and so forth,And with the 351 national road jiajinshan tunnel construction site reporter line, to extend sincere greetings to them and the builders.Qing-hua peng said that the province news front must firmly grasp the correct political orientation, closely around to meet, publicity, implement the party’s two big this masterstroke is a solid work, singing the main melody, eulogizing the new era, panoramic display in under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade xi for the core governance shu xing chuan cause significant accomplishment, bashu the dramatic changes in the earth,We will guide the broad masses of officials and the general public to consciously be the firm supporters of the “Two initiatives” and the firm practitioners of the “two initiatives” to build a mighty force for sichuan’s modernization drive.We should continue to uphold integrity and innovation, vigorously promote the in-depth and integrated development of the media, strengthen the ranks of talented people, and keep them close to the community level, life and people. We should attract people with wonderful stories and impress them with sincere emotions, and constantly improve the ability of news and publicity to spread, guide, influence, and have greater credibility.Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, provincial Institute of Socialism, provincial local records office, undertake the major subject research, provide provincial information services, for the provincial party committee and provincial government scientific decision-making as a good adviser assistant and other responsibilities.In the provincial Academy of Social Sciences and the Provincial Institute of Socialism, Peng Qinghua went into the history exhibition hall, teaching exhibition hall and some teaching and research staff offices to inquire about the historical evolution, academic inheritance and scientific research activities of the college.He pointed out that the entire province philosophy social science workers around to consolidate develop party history study education achievements, continuous learning to understand have a good grasp of old-age xi jinping, the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen theoretical study and interpretation, why can help the whole society more profound understanding of the communist party of China, why marxism, socialism with Chinese characteristics, why good,We should build consensus of all parties and strive with one heart.We should speed up the construction of high-end think tanks, focus on the province’s strategic and overall major issues to carry out investigations and studies, and provide intellectual support for the provincial party Committee and government to make scientific decisions.At the provincial office of local Chronicles, qing-hua peng took ShengZhi compiling, project annals compiling information service, local Chronicles, paper reporting resources development and utilization, and so on and so forth, hope everyone to take in the party sets, CunShi, for the people for the country revision era mission, good overall compiling annals major projects around the province center, record the reform and development,We will make greater contributions to preserving history, educating people and advising government.Peng Qinghua attached great importance to government services. He came to the office and reception hall of transaction Organization Department of provincial Government Services and Public Resources Trading Service Center to inquire about the progress of integrating public resources trading platform, creating a sunny trading environment and deepening the reform of “delegating control and providing services”.He called for continued efforts to deepen the reform to delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services, further optimize the service process, improve the quality and efficiency of services, and do a better job in all government services and resource transaction services, so as to accelerate the creation of a first-class business environment compatible with high-quality development.At the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives association qing-hua peng to implement two rural reform “second half” article deployment, strengthen the construction of ability of SMC report, demand keep in mind the service for agriculture fundamental purpose, continue to deepen reform of the comprehensive and perfect the rural county level 3 of the county comprehensive service system for the agriculture, agricultural production, supply and sales integration operation system,Greater efforts will be made to promote comprehensive rural revitalization.In the provincial special communication Bureau, Peng Qinghua had a detailed understanding of the special communication service guarantee work, and urged everyone to do their own work with a high sense of political responsibility and mission, constantly improve the service ability and guarantee level, to ensure the convenient, safe and smooth special communication.Provincial leaders Gan Lin, Luo Wen, Yu Lijun, Wang Yihong, Yao Sidan, provincial departments responsible for the visit to the comrades respectively.