We just want to watch a movie. Why are we so tired

2022-05-02 0 By

These two days the film “universal” heat is relatively high, the whole network evaluation also belongs to the more wonderful kind.But today I’m not talking about the movie, but the actor Liu Hao-chun.Two days ago, a used car blogger I have been following for a long time posted a status on a certain platform, which probably means that after watching the movie “The Four Seas”, he thinks Liu Haocun is pretty.Liu Haocun this comment area can fry the cauldron, a group of people “righteousness is words” jumped out, said Liu Haocun event, blood and tears accuse her family to do how many immoral things, scolded the blogger should not send state “kua” her.To be honest, I was also confused at that time. As a person interested in the entertainment industry, I didn’t know anything about the Liu Haocun incident at all. I read some comments and searched some news by myself, and briefly understood the whole thing in about half an hour.What is my feeling and evaluation of this.”HMMM.” That’s it. Assuming that all the information on the Internet is authentic, yeah, that’s awful.But then, Liu Haocun is the country announced the artist of bad deeds, is illegal crime.If that were the case, then the movie wouldn’t come out, and that person wouldn’t come out, right?There are too many melons in the entertainment industry every day. As people who are not idle and chasing melons every day, we have no obligation to know about them.And as an ordinary net friend, we can’t judge things of true and false, eat a variety of melon face things less, I post kua Liu Haocun good-looking, you said to me, no, not her personal character, family person all not line, bala bala bala, told me a lot, I have a look, goodfellas, the original is such, I picked up the keyboard to “justice”, together with youSuddenly there is a net friend ran over, said that is not the case, that person said is false, blah, blah, blah, how do I do, who should I believe?Who knows where Liu Haocun lives?Why don’t I just go over and ask her?Moreover, how many of the Internet “Batman” who wrote “righteous words” in the comments really cared about the truth of the matter, and how many of them were fun people who caught the blogger’s painful feet and could stand on the so-called moral high ground to criticize?As an outsider in entertainment, I really want to see the movie, look at the beautiful girl, that’s all, please don’t moral kidnap me, country banned the misdeeds of artist I would never go to see, also won’t go to support, but on the other, who I love, I love praise, is my freedom, not network saint to sovereignty.I just want to watch a movie.Of course “Four Seas” is not good, I think.