Vitiligo treatment, how collocation food to help recovery?You know how many of these “golden ideas” are there

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Vitiligo is a common skin disease that can occur anywhere on the skin and is painless and itchy.Including head, face, trunk and limbs.The treatment effect of vitiligo in different parts is not the same.In addition, the disease can also lead to psychological shadows, and even depression.So early detection and early treatment should be done.Vitiligo treatment in addition to conventional drugs, but also to help with the diet to help recovery.Through reasonable diet plan can speed up the recovery of the disease, alleviate the pain of patients.Some of the more useful “golden ideas” can be tried.The causes of vitiligo are not fully understood, but are mainly related to the following factors.First of all, genetic factors, scientific research shows that some families of vitiligo patients, their children have a higher risk of vitiligo.However, not all vitiligo will be passed on to the next generation, so there is no need to worry about vitiligo and should be actively treated.In addition, long-term immunity decline is also an important factor leading to vitiligo.Weakened immunity causes the body to be less able to fight off viruses.About half of the patients, due to long-term anxiety, depression, irritability of the mental state, so that the individual endocrine function gradually maladjusted and skin defense function decline, eventually cause disease.A poor diet may cause vitiligo.Some common plant foods, cigarettes and alcohol in life contain a large number of toxic substances, excessive consumption is easy to cause immune disorders, greatly increasing the chance of disease.Therefore, patients should try not to smoke and drink too much alcohol in their daily life, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.There are no specific symptoms in the early stage of vitiligo. Most patients show mild to moderate itching in body parts, accompanied by a small amount of desquamation.With the progressive development of the disease, the naked eye can see patches of different sizes.White patches of skin usually appear bright white.In addition, the patient has the following symptoms.1. Hair turns white.Some patients will have hair whitening phenomenon, if the disease is not effectively controlled, can cause hair loss.But the surrounding hair turns white, mostly in the early onset of vitiligo.At this time, patients should be paid enough attention to actively take effective treatment to avoid deterioration of the condition.2. The color of white spots changes.In the early stage of vitiligo, the white spots on the skin surface of patients are mostly light white, and in the middle and late stage of the disease, there will be cloud white, gray white and dark yellow.Very few people will turn dark red, and symptoms can last for several weeks, making treatment and diagnosis more difficult.3. The number of melanocytes and melanin granules decreased.After the onset of the disease, patients will appear the symptoms of skin lesions, and the number of melanin cells and melanin particles can be observed under the microscope significantly reduced, or even completely disappeared.Vitiligo can be diagnosed at this time.4. Others.Many vitiligo patients after the disease will appear body fatigue, cold sweat and mental laziness.However, the occurrence of the above several adverse symptoms, and the appearance of unknown plaque on the skin surface, should go to the hospital as soon as possible to do the relevant examination, has determined the specific condition.Three, how to treat vitiligo is a chronic disease, the treatment cycle is long must adhere to long-term treatment.The appearance of the skin can be improved and the original color restored by aggressive and effective treatment.Its treatment is divided into general treatment, drug treatment, operation treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.Treatment is usually done by avoiding triggers and taking vitamin and antioxidant supplements.Vitamin B, vitamin E, folic acid and some antioxidants help to rejuvenate the skin and improve the condition.It also includes psychotherapy, which provides healthy counseling and counseling for patients with serious illnesses.Drug therapy is the main treatment for vitiligo at present.Drugs include topical corticosteroids, topical calcineurin inhibitors and topical vitamin D3 derivatives.The above three drugs are helpful to control the role of vitiligo as soon as possible.Topical corticosteroids can stop the spread of white spots and normalize some skin colors.However, due to the relatively long treatment course, patients should pay attention to the occurrence of adverse reactions.Such as skin atrophy and skin creases.Note that if the condition does not improve significantly after 3-4 months of continuous treatment, drugs or other treatments need to be changed.Topical calcineurin inhibitors are commonly used in the treatment of skin. They have good skin barrier repair and anti-inflammatory effects, and are suitable for adults and children.But overuse can increase local skin infections, causing acne and folliculitis.Topical derivatives of vitamin D3 represent drugs such as carpotriol ointment and takashitol ointment.The above two drugs belong to chemotherapy drugs, for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris and vitiligo also has a good effect.Secondly, the drug is usually applied to the patient twice a day in moderate amounts.Children and the elderly should pay attention to the dosage.Surgical treatment includes skin grafts and other graft treatments.Skin transplantation belongs to skin surgery, including autogenous skin graft, micro skin graft and mixed epidermal cell graft.Skin grafts may be considered if the patient develops severe white spots from sunburn.The other widely used transplantation therapy is single hair follicle transplantation, which has the characteristics of simple operation and good efficacy.The biggest characteristic of TCM treatment is syndrome differentiation treatment, doctors according to the specific part of the patient to choose the corresponding Chinese patent medicine to improve the condition.At the same time, some Proprietary Chinese medicine has a good effect of nourishing liver and kidney and activating blood stasis.Four, vitiligo how to match the diet to recover 1, eat more black food.Regular use of all kinds of black food is conducive to blood vessel health, at the same time play the effect of nourishing Yin and kidney, for the prevention and improvement of vitiligo has certain benefits.Black food is rich in anthocyanins and minerals, which can not only enhance individual immunity level, but also help improve skin toughness.Common black food are black beans, black rice, black dates, black sesame, black fungus, kelp and laver and so on.These foods have high medicinal value and can also prevent anemia, hair loss, gray hair and dermatitis.2. Eat more coarse fiber.Dietary fiber has a good effect on improving vitiligo.Such as grains, legumes and fungi.Most soy products contain plant protein and dietary fiber needed by the human body, which helps to synthesize melanin in patients with vitiligo and achieve the purpose of alleviating symptoms.At the same time, fungi are rich in amino acids, which provide a constant supply of melanocytes.Patients are advised to eat more millet, edamame beans, oats, flammulina mushrooms, fresh shiitake mushrooms and peas.3. Tyrosine supplementation.Patients with vitiligo should supplement their diet with tyrosine and minerals, such as meat, animal liver, fresh vegetables and yogurt.This is because tyrosine can promote the formation of melanin to reduce the symptoms of vitiligo, at the same time can play a role in regulating emotions and accelerate the body metabolism and other functions.4. Add protein in moderation.Protein is one of the basic substances of the human body, and it is very beneficial for patients with vitiligo.It can not only regulate physiological functions, but also effectively resist the invasion of viruses.Often eat some protein rich food, can enhance the synthesis of melanin, for improving the disease has a good promotion effect.Five, daily life management what should be avoided in daily life exposure to strong light, vitiligo patients in the body of melanocytes activity is weak, long time exposure will increase the area of skin damage, more likely to induce skin cancer.When you go out, you should take active protective measures. Try to wear sunscreen clothes or apply sunscreen to reduce the chance of skin damage.At the same time, we must strengthen physical exercise.As the saying goes, exercise is the best medicine, reasonable exercise can improve the body resistance and promote blood circulation, so as to improve the purpose of vitiligo.In addition, patients should maintain emotional stability, avoid anger and complaints and other negative emotions, unhealthy attitude will aggravate the condition of vitiligo, but not conducive to later treatment.In addition, patients should wear more loose clothing, prohibit wearing some irritating sweaters for underwear, so as not to produce skin allergic reactions.People with a combined history of allergies should reduce their exposure to other allergens.In addition vitiligo patients to ensure adequate sleep.Good sleep habits are conducive to metabolism, so that the body’s internal environment is better recovery, but also enhance the absorption of drugs, for the treatment of vitiligo is very helpful.Insufficient sleep time and poor rest will cause vitiligo, so we should learn to relax at ordinary times, elderly patients with vitiligo should ensure at least 8 hours of sleep.Finally vitiligo patients should learn to quit smoking and drinking.Cigarettes and alcohol are highly toxic.Regular smoking and alcohol abuse will lead to abnormal immune levels, and then reduce the skin defense ability leading to the appearance of vitiligo patches.Therefore, both normal people and patients should reduce the intake of the above food.Vitiligo is a chronic disease, treatment should pay attention to the relevant dietary principles.Try to diversify your diet.However, there are some foods that patients should not eat, otherwise it will affect the final treatment effect.So what are the specific foods?1. Fruits with high vitamin C content.Vitamin C is not conducive to the formation of human melanin, so vitiligo patients should not eat a lot of fruit with high vitamin C content.At the same time, vitamin C can induce the increase of nerve polypeptide, aggravate the consumption of tyrosine, play a destructive role in the production of pigment, and then affect the treatment of disease.Fruits high in vitamin C include kiwis, strawberries, oranges, tangerines and persimmons.Although the above fruits have antioxidant effect, can play a role in delaying aging, but vitiligo patients should not eat, too much eating will increase gastrointestinal burden.2. Overheated and overly acidic foods.Vitiligo patients can not eat overheated and too acidic food.Overheat and acid food easily destroy the normal environment of intestinal tract, not conducive to the absorption of nutrition.In addition, overly acidic and overheated foods can cause allergic reactions, speeding up the shedding and damage of skin mucous membranes.So try to reduce the amount of food you eat.And hot and sour foods can cause other illnesses.Such as mouth sores, swollen gums.People who often eat the above two kinds of food, individual esophageal mucosa is easy to be stimulated and easy to form ulcers, which seriously affects the normal eating of patients with vitiligo, and may cause loss of appetite, difficulty in swallowing and the phenomenon of skipping meals.Conclusion: Vitiligo is a disease with high complication rate in China, which can occur in people of any age.Especially teenagers and children.When the onset of the patient’s face will appear a large area of white spots dander, while may be accompanied by a certain degree of itching, thus affecting the individual’s social and work and study, so we must strengthen prevention, away from the disease.Vitiligo treatment must be reasonable with diet treatment, patients should eat more black food, black food is conducive to the skin metabolism, to relieve the symptoms of the function.In addition, we should eat some food rich in crude fiber. The food of crude fiber is conducive to the synthesis of melanin, which provides rich nutritional conditions for improving the condition.Finally, patients should maintain a good attitude, to participate in outdoor sports, improve the level of personal immunity.