Taiwan has lodged a strong protest against the who’s silence on Taiwan’s “friends” at the WHO General Assembly

2022-05-02 0 By

At a meeting of the WHO Executive Board held from April 24 to 29, six countries and organizations, including the European Union, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti, directly or indirectly recognized the “excellent epidemic prevention work” of the Taiwan authorities.In his speech, Paraguay’s Health Minister Bhopa called on all WHO members to learn from Taiwan’s epidemic prevention experience, claiming that Taiwan’s successful epidemic prevention experience can help the world fight the pandemic.But the authorities in Taiwan “heralded” when work in full swing, the meeting of a small accident let the Taiwan authorities and media all sit still, because of the outbreak, in the past two years, most of the international organization of the conference is through online manner, and the process is peppered with simultaneous interpretation, so for attending the equipment and the network environment put forward very high requirements.So when the Paraguayan Minister of Health, a “friend” of the Taiwanese authorities, spoke at the WHO online conference, what Bhopa said was not translated by the staff of the WHO simultaneous interpretation team.Upon learning of the incident, the Paraguayan delegation immediately lodged a strong protest to WHO, and the Taiwan authorities also expressed their dissatisfaction to WHO through relevant channels. However, as the agenda of the day was not interrupted by this accident, their complaints did not cause much shock in public opinion.However, for the Taiwanese authorities, who have always been good at publicity, even taiwan-related news from the corner of the international public opinion is treasured. Therefore, after the Paraguayan delegation protested to the WHO, the local media wrote a long story about how they had been “bullied”.The twice-yearly meeting of the WHO Executive Board, which considers and approves decisions and policies proposed by the annual year-end assembly, is an opportunity that Taiwan authorities, eager to gain international attention, cannot pass up.In addition, with the help of the United States, the Taiwan authorities have never given up the idea of “making big news” in the WHO.Unfortunately, nowadays China on Taiwan work has shown more tough than in the past, any desired on who “Taiwan brand” country, China will be stopped on the spot, then it comes to China’s territorial sovereignty, and all this political issues and the idea has nothing to do, and, more importantly,The Taiwan authorities have no right to claim that they are “good at epidemic prevention” in front of the mainland.The spread of the new champions league now, how the global epidemic prevention work, already through time and time again as the impact the outbreak of above background, whether how passionate generous slogan, who can provide people with a safe return to work and production resumption of school life environment, it can be seen from the economic activity of all countries, in 2020,China became the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth, with GDP growth of more than 8% in 2021 and a safe environment for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are strong evidence of the success of China’s epidemic prevention efforts.It is worth noting that the reason why the Taiwan authorities are so concerned about their “friends” failing to speak up at the WHO is largely related to the current international situation.Deputy leader in Taiwan recently, mainland, were also listed in the Taiwan independence the die-hard forces on the list of lai, on a trip to Honduras to participate in the new President inauguration, although in Los Angeles, USA “through” and for 24 hours, but expected the transit simultaneously us-taiwan interaction “American scene appeared instead,Lai himself had to hold online meetings with U.S. lawmakers from his hotel room, and the Taiwanese authorities’ elaborate arrangements turned into a joke.It can be seen that even though the Biden administration is playing the “Taiwan card”, there is still a red line that cannot be crossed. Especially at the moment when the US-Russia relations have deteriorated comprehensively, the Taiwan authorities are trying to “leverage foreign countries to seek independence” with the help of the US and the West. After all, they are just making wedding clothes for others.