“Sweater + half skirt” wear to build formula fire, temperament and elegant atmosphere, pardonable mature women like

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Too delicate dress easy to let a person feel tired, practical in daily life is not high.And the dress that uses simple collocation way combination and becomes, often can produce “subtract is add” magical effect.Middle-aged female friends love the “sweater + half skirt” wear formula, we wear light and comfortable, daily practical degree is also very high.Simple sweater with knee length skirt, elegant and atmospheric, very feminine!How does everybody match?Let’s have a look!1. White sweater + slit printed pattern half skirt White sweater with soft material, soft waxy and fresh and clean, looking very comfortable and pleasing to the eye, the upper body is also very gentle temperament.Loose white sweater, unique languid is lazy along with sex appeal, the design of small V word collar adds the careful machine on detail.Decorate neck line already, not exaggerated moderate dew skin, also have small mature sexy lasting appeal, can show tender woman taste very much!With a slit design printed skirt, the unique pattern absorbs the eye degree is very high, with a pair of stiletto heels is also delicate and agile, very mature and elegant sense!2, gray wide sweater + pleated skirt loose version of the gray sweater, comfortable soft color and fluffy material, looking gentle and atmospheric.Tie-in the skirt of 100 pleat half length that fastens with color, relaxed and clean.Long skirt is clever and elegant, wear on the body also is to have graceful feeling of graceful fair maiden.A simple basic style to wear, generous and decent, and an effortless high-level texture, good-looking and durable!Apricot sweater + long umbrella skirt Apricot slim sweater, the fabric is very soft, combined with the original very warm and healing sense of color, the combination looks soft, very affinity.In the body is very “gentle big sister” temperament sense.Use the same color scheme with a long umbrella skirt that rolls out.It can not only flatter the legs and hips, but also add a gentle and elegant sense of maturity to the outfit.In the simple way of wearing, with a pair of high heels, is also more delicate.4, black and white sweater + black skirt black and white texture sweater, wide version comfortable and versatile, wearing on the body is also lazy with sexy.Unique and textured patterns add personal style to the outfit.The dress was paired with a black skirt that echoed the sweater pattern.Classic black and white color matching is also a mature and elegant feeling.Tucking a corner of a sweater into a dress will also elevate your waistline and make your figure look taller.With a pair of black pointy leather boots, elegant and mature, very attractive.5, black sweater + gray half skirt black visual contraction effect is very strong, wear black sweater not only whitening, but also very thin.The version of loose money is comfortable and comfortable on the body, with a sense of the atmosphere along with sex.Use advanced and durable “black ash” match color, match the black half skirt of a long paragraph, highlight the temperament that gives intellectual composed, mature and elegant.Pair it with black leggings and a pair of leather shoes.It is suitable for daily travel or commuting.6, black sweater + black fishtail skirt black sweater upper body is very thin, shoulder and hem have some small white yarn design, add a sense of design for clothing.A little bit of white grain also broke the drab and depressing feeling of pure black dress, looking at more hotspot.Paired with a long black fishtail dress and a pair of black leather shoes, the all-black look is sweet and cool, and looks slim and tall.A black look, elegant atmosphere and look, is very fan!7, gray sweater + black half skirt soft waxy waxy gray sweater, soft fabric and a combination of soft colors with a hazy sense, wearing on the body will have a comfortable atmosphere, there is a casual relaxed sense.Gray and black matching, with a black half skirt, low-key and atmospheric, wearing is also very hierarchical sense.Paired with a pair of black shoes and cream-colored socks, the outfit looks sophisticated.Apricot cardigan + cream knit umbrella skirt Apricot cardigan.The warm colors are comforting and soothing, and look very healing.Combination is very concise and agile design, wear on the body very show gentle and intellectual temperament feeling.With knitted umbrella skirt, graceful and elegant, there is a lady style.Apricot color combination cream white, relaxed and clean.Pair with a pair of light-colored singing shoes that are fresh and shiny.A light color department to wear, quiet and gentle, very gas texture.Checkerboard sweater + black half skirt checkerboard sweater, wear on the body both style personality, but also super comfortable.Wool mohair sweaters are soft and comfortable, and look soft and waxy.Together with loose version, there is a kind of languid lazy along with the atmosphere of the sex.With a slim black skirt and a pair of black ankle boots, simple atmosphere at the same time elegant, very good-looking!