Brand new Audi Q5L, present car in the shop welcome to the shop to taste

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The all-youthful-looking, tech-filled interior and rich specs all point to the Q5L’s appeal to young consumers, and its arrival is expected to reinvigorate the luxury mid-size SUV market.In light design, Audi has been playing a new height, double L daytime running lights for its added a sense of force, xiaobian feel that it is better than audi Q5L.The audi Q5L upgrade is all-round, after eight generations of refresh, it not only has a new design in the exterior interior, in the power aspect has also been adjusted.The lengthened Audi Q5L brings improved rear legroom and trunk space.Moreover, the Audi Q5L has a 2908mm wheelbase, which provides plenty of room for rear passengers.In terms of appearance, the new generation of Audi Q5L adopts audi’s latest family-style design language. The hexagonal air intake grille is matched with straight lines, which makes it more robust.The new Audi Q5L interior changed the layout of the old model, using a layered design, making the interior added a bit of simple and generous feeling.From its workmanship, materials and other aspects, the vehicle has a sense of class and science and technology are relatively excellent, especially a large number of silver elements and leather material package, but also let its interior presents a BBA luxury model comparable texture.And it in the interior, there are a lot of technology configuration support, can let the driver enjoy driving fun.Interior, Audi Q5L interior design and the new Audi is very similar, the overall sense of science and technology is very full.On the interior side, Audi’s interior design adopts the latest home design style.Inside the car, you can clearly feel the sense of technology and luxury of Audi Q5L.In terms of interior configuration, Audi Q5L also achieved the same level of upstream level — all series of standard tire pressure display, cruise control, panoramic sunroof, LED daytime running lights, etc.But there’s more to the intelligent configuration of the “virtual cockpit”.In terms of configuration, Audi Q5L is standard with panoramic sunroof, active safety system, matrix LED headlights, electric folding rearview mirror, two-color 20-inch wheel rim, panoramic image, intelligent entry, keyless start, etc.The standard air suspension system of the whole system can adjust the ground clearance of the body at any time. With 5 driving modes, it can easily cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions.But there’s more to the intelligent configuration of the “virtual cockpit”.The Audi Q5L dashboard is designed for full LCD, display function is also very comprehensive, according to different driving mode change interface.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)