The EU turns!Drawing up a “strategic Compass” action plan: a rapid reaction force of 5,000 troops

2022-05-01 0 By

The eu’s 27 member states foreign minister and defense, has a meeting in Brussels, formally approved a “strategic compass” plan, this is the central idea of “strategic compass”, to the world signal that Europe prepared to rearm, they decided to build a scale of 5000 quick reaction force.Quick reaction force Germany’s federal defence secretary, Mr. Hitt, said Germany is ready in 2025 to provide core strength that a quick reaction force, according to reports, the “strategic guidance” in the middle of the action plan, in addition to the quick reaction force is made up of 5000 people, their role includes many, including the armed forces, during a crisis,Quickly deploy them to all locations.And the European Union has proposed in 2023 to practice exercises for the first time that the quick reaction force, and Mr. Hitt says, hope they can be established in Germany 1 year with core strength, to form a quick reaction force, will come from the European Union of extra-budgetary funding tool, and this time the foundation delivered jointly by members of the European Union,A maximum of 5 billion euros will be provided over a six-year period starting from 2021.The “Strategic Compass” initiative, which is due to be approved at an EU summit later this month, will provide land, sea and air power as well as enhanced intelligence and analysis capabilities, improved cyber security and defences against foreign information manipulation and interference.Commentator said that military power is now the plan of the troops, not like a real force, after all, only 5000 people, but he is a very important start, out of this step in the future will also continue to go on, but the reason behind this are worth pondering, the European Union: why do you want to form a quick reaction force?The first is to strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy;Second, Germany wants to be the core of a European Union army.Third: The EU wants to be a global military power with a nuclear deterrent. In principle, such an EU rapid reaction force could be deployed to Ukraine, says Michael Keim, a security expert at the Berlin Science and Politics Foundation, a German think tank.So we can ensure the safety of the “reserve” Ukraine, just as the United Nations under the authorization of go to, in the name of the “peacekeepers” but in Ukraine, the eu’s reliability is still need to test in the field of defense and security, actually for a long time, many European countries on defence issues, are very dependent on American or NATO,In recent years the European Union, of which 22 of the 27 members are members of NATO, has sought to strengthen its defence autonomy and even put forward a lot of political frameworks.The outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a great shock to NATO. They should learn from this shock what is the right choice?Some sources: Global Times