Implementing “Order-type” Training Mechanism to Ensure that Vocational School students “Have a good career”

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Late last year, people club department issued the about vocational colleges graduates to participate in the institution open recruitment related issues notice “, break very famous universities, degree of orientation of choose and employ persons, establish a personal character and ability as the guidance, job demand as the goal of talent use mechanism, clear to safeguard, safeguard vocational colleges graduates the lawful rights and interests of the institution open recruitment and equal competition opportunities.Vocational school students are given the same “admission ticket” as undergraduates and postgraduates to get a job at a public institution.Under the increasingly equal competition mechanism, we continue to deepen the reform of talent training mode, strengthen the deep cooperation between schools and enterprises, fully realize the “seamless docking” of order training talents from schools to enterprises, promote the high quality employment of graduates, so as to ensure that vocational school students “have a good career”.The implementation of “order-type” training mechanism is conducive to improving employment rate and promoting the survival and development of schools.In recent years, the employment situation in higher education has become more and more severe due to enrollment expansion, lagging teaching quality and high employment expectations of students.For higher vocational colleges, good employment rate plays a great role in improving the quality of college students, promoting the prosperity of college enrollment and attracting enterprises to participate in cooperation.To this end, many vocational colleges and universities through the implementation of order-type training, work-study and other combination of work talent training mode, deepen the education reform, adjust the professional structure, optimize the curriculum, enhance students’ practical ability, improve the awareness of innovation, to meet the market requirements for talent, promote the continuous rise of employment rate.The implementation of “order-type” training mechanism is conducive to close the relationship between schools and enterprises and broaden the channels for running schools.During the implementation of the order-type training mechanism, the college and enterprises have carried out in-depth cooperation in the selection of students, development of training programs, determination of assessment standards, curriculum setting, practical training and internship arrangements, etc.Through cooperation, the college designated enterprises as the training base of the school, organized students to practice in enterprises, enhanced students’ practical ability, and enabled them to take up posts as soon as they went out of school, reflecting the function of vocational education to cultivate skilled talents.In addition, through in-depth cooperation with enterprises, we have a deeper understanding of the employment needs of enterprises, which is conducive to demand-oriented adjustment of the school’s professional Settings and teaching modules according to the actual production of enterprises, reflecting the concept of professional competency.At the same time, through cooperation, can not only make full use of the enterprise in the skill training and practice of the technology and facilities, for the school personnel training to enhance skills of advantage, can also play a talent advantage for the enterprise in staff training, product development, etc, and through this process to improve the overall quality of the contingent of teachers.Therefore, the implementation of “order-type” training mechanism for school-enterprise cooperation to expand the scope of cooperation, for the college to broaden the channels for running schools.The implementation of “order-type” training mechanism is conducive to the transformation of enterprise management mode to refinement and the enhancement of enterprise core competitiveness.With the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for highly skilled talents grows exponentially.In many industrial cities, the shortage of skilled workers has limited economic development to some extent.Vigorously developing vocational education is an important way to relieve the employment tension of enterprises.At present, it is an effective way to solve the shortage of technical talents and meet the demand of enterprises to carry out school-enterprise order-type cooperative training mechanism.In addition, to participate in order to cultivate enterprises, enterprises can take advantage of the school’s teaching and to the enterprise on-the-job personnel training, save recruit trainers, establish training base and related work of planning and management such as cost, reduce the pressure of enterprise staff training, training so as to avoid risk, to reduce the training costs;The college can introduce and train talents in a purposeful and planned way according to the talent needs of enterprises, timely supplement the talent gap of enterprises, make the talent introduction planning, and save the cost of talent introduction;In the training process to carry out the orders, from the selection of students, develop training plan, to participate in training, to the final assessment can as partners participate enterprise, to each student’s ability level is understanding, is advantageous to the enterprise in the other, quantity and use, fully stimulate every staff’s work enthusiasm and service for the enterprise.Pushing mechanism — order-form train, local enterprises and the depth of cooperation in higher vocational colleges, schools not only training a large number of high-quality talents for the enterprise, effectively meet the needs of the enterprise of talent, and the development of the enterprise is to further improve its absorption capacity of higher vocational talents, rapid development in higher vocational colleges, and promote each other, promoting effect between the two sides.In a word, the implementation of order-type training mechanism not only retains talents for local economic development, but also meets the needs of vocational schools for their own survival and development. It can also ensure that vocational school students “have a good job” and bring profound influence to the sustainable development of social economy.Author: Chen Hu (Yichang changyang)