Zixuan: It’s written on dad’s 80th birthday

2022-04-30 0 By

Dear dad: today, we gather together to celebrate your 80th birthday. According to your instructions, today is not only a birthday, but also a family dinner, simple and delicate, sincere and warm!Last night I could not sleep, both excited to celebrate your birthday and how quickly the years have passed.I have been with my parents for 50 years since I was born. My understanding of them is as profound as my love for you.The father loves the mountain.From the countryside to the city, from the army to the local, all the way wind and rain, for my mother, my brother shelter, but also for relatives and friends in need.A father loves like the sea.I grew up weak and sickly, always remember when young dad day and night care and mother care!My father carried me on the shoulder, hurt my heart.Eighty years of life.You filial piety parents, good teaching children, honest and honest, aboveboard, respected.The right way is vicissitudes of life.Your life revolution, clean, diligent, dedicated loyalty, self-abnegation.Your accumulated wealth of life let us benefit from life.It is the precious character of hard work and strength, the way of life with generosity, and the simple family style of strict love.My brother and I took all this to heart and lived by it.Today is your 80th birthday, daughter wants to say to you, dad, thank you!I would like to use my all, for your years long stay.I want to give you the best that I can.You and mother old age happiness, good health, happy mood, high quality of life, is our children’s greatest wish and the direction of efforts.Finally wish dad: happy birthday!Happiness like the East China Sea!The sun and the moon!Seventy again!Joy is long!Daughter proffering flaming