Truly let the man never forget, is with these three kinds of potential women

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“I wish I had someone to treat you as before and love you to the bone.Accompany you wind and rain still, give all, only to protect you a comprehensive.”I think in the heart of every woman, are eager to meet a lifetime never abandon the man.But some women fly to the fire and end up covered in bruises.Is there no love in the world?Of course not.There will always be such women in life. Women who are always independent and never reach out to men are especially popular.Such a woman, like solitude, quiet, cold;But you have a mind of your own, you have a slope, you can resist temptation, and you know what’s right for you.I don’t expect anything from a man.You come I welcome, you go I don’t stay;Love me, I am happy, do not love I do not tangle.This kind of woman, why let a man never forget, a lifetime together?Read the following three points to understand, remember to collect.1. Attraction to a man comes from intelligence, not how much you love him.”In men’s eyes, the meaning of a love marriage is that you take care of the family while they are struggling so that they can have no worries.”It is not so much that men love women as that men prefer women who are not easy to get.When you love a man, you care about everything about him.All the joys and sorrows, are closely linked to this man.Such a man, on the contrary, will feel too tired, think you are too clingy, do not want to explore you.He was sure you wouldn’t want to leave.He won’t continue to invest his time and energy in you.The only thing left is to be hot and cold to you, and eventually become cold violence.2. Reduce your focus on men and increase your self-worth.Men are more realistic. Most of them weigh the pros and cons and don’t value feelings when you give a man your true love;When you give a man your heart and soul, he takes everything for granted.Your excessive care and care, in a man’s heart, will think you are very idle, your love is cheap.The more you care about a man, the less he thinks you’re worth.So you need to take back your focus on men and make yourself valuable.It is possible to change passivity into initiative, protect their position in the feelings, reduce the hurt in the feelings.Because stop loss is a kind of ability, and excessive attention is precisely the performance of poor self-control.If you pay too much attention to your partner over time, his tolerance, attention and intimacy will continue to decline. How can you not worry about personal gains and losses?A man is just the icing on the cake. Be happy with or without yourself.A wise woman demands value from a man, not uncertain love.Woman must not, take the feeling as the whole of life, also do not take the man, as the whole of your life.Two people together, is for happiness.Have consistent hobby and taste, mutual understanding and fit, leave each other space, mutual achievement work and career.Busy time will not think of each other too, tired time have a rely on each other.This is the meaning that love and marriage give the greatest value.For most women, love is the sum of their lives. They would give up anything for it.Men, on the other hand, value love much less.Love is only the level of value, once you have no value, nature will abandon you and away from you!Women, understand this.In the future, in love, marriage and men to get along, will be a lot easier, but also know how to choose, not a moth to flame, more know how to stop.The mountains are high and the waters are long, but the days to come are long.The world loves, only like your pet.Thanks for your attention!Any emotional doubts, welcome to leave a message to discuss.Waiting for you to share, cherish the encounter!