“The world” abandoned wife abandoned woman Feng Into, zhou Rong is full of calculations and use

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Zhou Rong in order to be with Feng Huacheng together, not hesitate to break off father-daughter relationship with his father, stay in Guizhou is six years.After getting the affirmation of the family, Zhou Rong was going to take Feng Huarong and Feng Yue home for the New Year, who knows not worry about Feng Huarong, accident on the road.Can not rest assured that feng Cheng was taken away, Zhou Rong let Guo Cheng with Feng Yue back home, he stayed in Guizhou and other news.Who knows, in the relationship to find someone to help, Feng Cheng did not go back to Guizhou, but went to Beijing, and was arrested.Zhou Rong went all the way to Beijing to see if feng Huacheng could come out.In Feng Huacheng this matter, in addition to Zhou Rong, all feel Feng Huacheng too do not let people worry, even Guo Cheng said: “Feng teacher is too bookish.”This sentence is very euphemistic, if you want to change into others, will directly say That Feng Cheng is a laggard, do is a drag on Zhou Rong’s broken things.However, feng Cheng is full of admiration and admiration, and was infatuated with love Zhou Rong, where can think of other places, in her heart, Feng Cheng is the day is the ground.Fortunately, finally Feng Huacheng was released, Zhou Rong a return to the beginning of life, become a poet praised by everyone in the university.Zhou Rong also by their own efforts to enter the university, became a master.Think they can have no sweet without sweat, but who knows bitter day did not let two people separate, good day became the catalyst that two people affection breaks however.After returning to the identity of a poet, Feng’s nature was revealed.He was loved by the female students in the university, some people will take the opportunity to Feng Turned into the problem at home, Feng Turned into also enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by people.Now and once a comparison of life, Feng Into the hidden mind came out.He enjoys today’s life, the pursuit of once lost youth, also immersed in the smile of those young sunshine female students, began to abandon Zhou Rong, and finally made a mistake.When feng Turned into a mistake, Zhou Rong can not believe his eyes, the original kneel in front of his father, work timid, but also know romantic man, is really Feng Turned into?Feng Cheng in front of Zhou Rong say had agreed to contact reason, tell her why she married with her female, that moment Zhou Rong just understand, for their youth worship and faith in the end how funny.Originally, Feng Into Zhou Rong only calculation without love.Feng Turned into a poet from that year plummeted to Guizhou, friendless, but also scared.Zhou Rong’s arrival, let him grasp at straws.Zhou Rong is a worker, is a student, is the initiative to go to the countryside of the good youth, beautiful and good character.At that time, Feng Chenggang divorced his former wife, and there is such a young girl, he seemed to find a rely on, and the girl has a lot of love for him.This sense of worship satisfied Feng’s vanity, but also let him use the heart, he can use the working class Zhou Rong, let himself in Guizhou better.Therefore, Feng huacheng married Zhou Rong, and since then, someone took care of him and listened to him write poems.Others will also because of the relationship between Zhou Rong, a little better to Feng, after all, the children of miles, are zhou Rong’s students.From the beginning, Feng Cheng is the use of Zhou Rong, he needs is a working class identity of the wife, needs is a better life.When everything returns to normal, return to Beijing to return to the identity of the poet Feng Cheng, found self-confidence, nature does not need the identity of Zhou Rong.When he is immersed in everyone’s worship, also do not need a level with their own, or even excellent wife everywhere.So, Feng Cheng chose to betray.Feng Huacheng of Zhou Rong’s calculation, from Zhou Rong also began in their hometown.At that time, he told Zhou Rong his situation in Guizhou through letters, and with rhetoric, zhou Rong went to Guizhou jump the queue.A girl’s family, thousands of miles from the north to the south, far away from home do not tell home.Feng Huarong to do so, is nothing more than to use the identity of Zhou Rong, let Zhou Rong to his place after the queue, using the identity of Zhou Rong let yourself less suffering.Zhou Rong operates for him and tries to make him better off in prison, but what she finally gets is betrayal.Finally, Feng Cheng abandoned Zhou Rong, also did not want daughter Feng Yue.Zhou rong gave up the chance to get a doctor’s degree and went abroad to accompany her daughter for 12 years before returning home.Feng Turned into this person, too selfish, but also know how to win the favor of women.Outsiders think he is a weak scholar, in fact, very smart, weak is just the appearance.