Pandas cannot be returned to China!American Internet users are having a hard time watching lawmakers’ bizarre remarks

2022-04-30 0 By

In recent years, the United States has repeatedly tried to impose sanctions on Chinese citizens and enterprises in order to contain China’s development. To our surprise, the evil hand of the United States has not stopped until now, and even extends to China’s national treasure, the giant panda.The giant panda is a national treasure of China. This precious and lovely animal is also popular all over the world.There have been previous cases of us zoos renting pandas from China, which is understandable, but some US lawmakers want to introduce a bill to “refuse to return pandas to China”.According to media reports, Republican Senator Nancy Mays has publicly threatened to introduce a bill to deny the return of pandas born in the United States to China.Not only that, the Congressman argued, pandas were born in American zoos and therefore deserve to stay in the United States.To add insult to insult, the senator used America’s tried-and-true excuse to make the issue about “human rights” and said he would add amendments to America’s competition law.But the real purpose of the bill is to strengthen China’s so-called “competitive advantage”.In addition to attracting global attention, the US senator’s remarks were also opposed by Us netizens.On social media forums, a number of netizens blasted lawmakers like Mace as “doing nothing but making trouble and making mischief.”Another American netizen reminded her that as an American politician, she should pay more attention to her country’s problems, instead of trying to impose obstacles on other countries.There are also some people who suggest that the essence of Mace’s behavior is to engage in political behavior and pursue political interests.It can be seen that mace’s remarks were not only opposed by China and other countries, but also by americans themselves.”Anti-china” lawmakers like Mace can’t find other “anti-China” reasons, so the giant panda has become an excuse for them to make trouble.The intention of the US congress to make an issue of China’s lending of giant pandas to foreign zoos is clear enough to allow visitors from other countries to see these lovely animals and learn about China’s natural ecology.Just like Mace, there are many “anti-China” lawmakers in the US who put forward unreasonable “proposals” from time to time.But the reality is to prove to us again and again, these people are not themselves to their own development and what they call the “world peace friendship”, just the pursuit of their own political interests eventually, so far as to say that in order to achieve the purpose of the skeletons, these “anti-china” mp means not only hurt China and other countries,It is tantamount to “stabbing one’s own people in the heart”.Part of reference: China news network, overseas network, Chengdu Radio and Television