One move, and a blood vessel could collapse?!Recommended 5 blood vessels “scavenger” on the table

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Do these 10 actions actually affect blood vessels, but the effects can be mild or severe.1. Get up suddenly in the morning. When you get up in the morning, don’t let a carp stand up.When you wake up, your blood pressure will rise rapidly. If you get up too fast and too hard, your blood pressure may rise suddenly, leading to an acute attack of cardiovascular disease.We should take a little time to open our eyes for a minute or so, and then sit up gently and put on clothes slowly to prevent some cardiovascular disease.2. Wash your face in the morning cold water wash your face in the morning is a habit many people adhere to, it will affect the facial blood vessels, but if the washing time is not long or simply wash, and the temperature of the water is not particularly low, then the influence on the blood vessels is not particularly great.3. Hot water toppings if the water toppings are too cold or too hot, the impact on some patients with arteriosclerosis is relatively large, and the long time of stimulation is easy to lead to acute cerebral infarction.4. Going out without head protection on a windy day Going out without head protection, headscarf and hat can also lead to acute cerebral infarction.5. Get up immediately open the window this habit itself is not too much wrong, but if you just get up from the hot bed, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large, then put too much cold air in, so that the indoor temperature is sharply reduced, cold can cause coronary artery contraction, leading to myocardial ischemia, aggravating the heart load.6. Jerk back is not particularly important for young people, but for some serious atherosclerosis, jerk back does have some tearing effect on blood vessels.If there are some lesions in the blood vessels and a sudden reversal of the head, it may induce vascular abnormalities, including the emergence of sharp vascular dissection, vascular injury.7. Like hard defecation Hard defecation will increase the abdominal pressure, increase the consumption of oxygen, increase the heart rate, blood volume and cardiac bleeding per minute increase, increase the burden on the heart.Especially with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease of the elderly, defecate too urgent, breath-holding force, easy to cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, induce cerebral hemorrhage.8. Drink alcohol before going to bed to warm up.However, eating too much, drinking too much, and excitement are also the triad of sudden death.Each of these three factors alone can burden the heart, and if combined, their combined effect is even scarier.Suggestion: can bubble feet warm body, or drink a cup of warm water or warm milk, can help sleep calm.9. When you go to the bathroom suddenly at night, the rapid emptyof the bladder, combined with the cold stimulation from the outside world, can easily induce hypotension, cause the transient insufficiency of blood supply to the brain, leading to urination syncope.When people eat, the working state of the heart will change, such as the heartbeat increases by 8% to 10%, the blood flow from the heart increases, and the diastolic pressure (low pressure) decreases, lasting about 30 to 120 minutes.For people with underlying heart disease (such as coronary heart disease), there may be a feeling of panic, discomfort and even symptoms such as angina pectoris.Blood sugar Stabilizer: Pu ‘er tea Pu ‘er tea has mild character, relatively little irritation to the spleen and stomach, and contains tea polyphenols and other beneficial ingredients.Studies have found that Pu ‘er tea can significantly inhibit diabetes-related enzymes and help stabilize blood sugar.How to eat it: Pu-erh tea is recommended to be drunk between meals and brewed with boiling water of 100℃.Drinking Pu ‘er tea is best to wash it first, because most pu ‘er tea is drunk every other year or even several years later, easy to deposit dust, “washing tea” can achieve the purpose of “cleaning dust and moistening tea”.Blood fat regulator: oats oats contain rich β glucan and dietary fiber, can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, to regulate blood fat has a very good effect.In addition, oats can bring a stronger sense of satiety, making people not hungry for a long time.Recommended eating method: it is recommended to choose the most “simple” oats, that is, large, whole, not finely broken, and do not add any sugar, creamer and other ingredients of oats.It can be used to cook porridge, and then add some nuts, nutritious and delicious.Blood circulation catalyst: black beans black beans contain rich anthocyanins, can remove free radicals in the body, reduce cholesterol, promote blood circulation.In addition, anthocyanins also protect the eyes.Recommended eating: Anthocyanins are more stable in acidic conditions, and soaking in vinegar helps absorb nutrients from black beans.Stir-fry the black beans until they are cooked and cool. Then pour in the vinegar until they are covered, leaving about 1/3 of the space to prevent the beans from swelling over.Cover and soak until the beans are fully inflated.Black beans can also be used to make soy milk or soup.Blood pressure control agent: celery celery is rich in potassium and apigenin, they are conducive to control blood pressure.Recommended eating method: cook celery to less oil and salt, otherwise it will weaken the antihypertensive effect of celery.Celery can be boiled after the cold, or directly used to juice drink.Blood purifier: kelp kelp not only contains iodine higher food, but also contains rich dietary fiber and colloid, which colloid components can be combined with harmful substances in the blood, such as heavy metals, with the effect of detoxification, purification of blood.Recommended to eat: you can directly soak kelp hair, made of cold kelp silk.However, because kelp belongs to the cool, it is recommended that the body is cold, weak people can eat some kelp stew tofu, after high temperature heating, can neutralize the cool kelp.Tips For people with related conditions, food should not be a substitute for treatment.Simply rely on food therapy can not achieve the purpose of treatment, but also should go to the hospital in time.4 habits to Keep your blood Vessels Younger 1. Cut down on sugar in your diet.The sugars broken down by carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the body, causing blood sugar levels to spike and insulin to be overproduced, which thickens the blood.2. Pay attention to the order in which you eat The correct order is to eat vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms and other foods that are low in calories and take some time to digest.Chew each mouthful of food at least 30 times and swallow it to feel full before your blood sugar levels rise.Eating staple foods and meat later prevents blood sugar levels from rising too fast and calories from being consumed too much.Studies have shown that eating slowly can keep you feeling full for up to six hours.If you eat too fast, you will feel hungry two to three hours later.Fat and protein absorption is slow, so that blood sugar does not rise too fast, it is best to eat meat before meals.3. Enhance blood vessel function sports more in place jogging aerobic exercise, slowly stretch muscles, joint calisthenics, slight muscle strength exercise and other activities, can improve blood circulation, inhibit sympathetic nerve activity, make people calm.4. Relaxation Sudden mental stress may cause endothelial dysfunction, which impairs the ability of blood vessels to dilate, resulting in the inability of blood vessels to adjust their function in response to changes in blood demand, increasing the risk of heart disease.1. These ten actions should be careful, which may harm blood vessels. They may get up in the morning, wash your face with cold water in the morning, pour water with hot water, don’t protect your head when going out on a windy day, open the window immediately after getting up, turn around abruptly, like to forcibly defecate, drink alcohol before going to bed to warm up, get up too hard at night, and eat like a pig.Her favorite five foods: Pu ‘er tea, oats, black beans, celery, kelp.Pay attention to eating order;Enhance vascular function movement;Statement: Copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact the background, we will deal with within 24 hours