Eight pond street grab grab farming spring tillage stable grain stable yield stable people’s livelihood

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At present, it is a good time to prepare for spring ploughing. Batang street, Gangnan District, grabs good weather and good time, early deployment and early action, more than lifting and measures to grasp the fine work. The spring ploughing preparation of the whole street is being carried out in an overall way, helping the agricultural production of the whole district to stabilize and increase income.On February 24th the morning, the reporter in district eight pond street see xiao li village, power full two harrow tin machine is shuttling back and forth farmland, farmers are digging the on-farm and put a basin of seedling and seed, according to yao rong agricultural machinery service cooperative controller introduces, he abandoned land in eight pond street contracting more than 200 mu of rice, potato has more than 30 acres, potatoCurrent positive response to local government call, seize the favorable opportunity of successive days of rainfall in the field to have water, begin to rake retting paddy, reserve agricultural resources, overhaul agricultural machinery, whole seedling ground dip grain seed, forecast this year rice per mu yield can reach 1000 jins -1200 jins left and right sides.Li Yaorong, a big planter in Batang street, said: “We have raked more than 100 mu, and there are still about 150 mu left unploughed. Now there are two machines working here every day, and it is expected to be completed in a week.”Batang Sub-district thoroughly implemented the no. 1 document of the Central Government and the spirit of the relevant conference of Guigang City, through strengthening the rectification of abandoned land and developing winter potato, improving the multiple planting index, strengthening the maintenance of irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure, timely solve the difficulties and problems encountered by farmers in agricultural farming, to ensure the normal development of agricultural production.Propaganda guide active mobilization of the masses, solid grasp of the work of spring ploughing preparation.The agricultural technicians in the subdistrict went to the fields in pieces to provide technical guidance and service. The whole process of technical and service guidance reached the villages, farmers and plots under the decomposition of early rice production targets and tasks, so as to do all kinds of planting and planting when appropriate, quickly set off the climax of spring tillage production, and strive for the initiative to comprehensively do a good job in food production.A variety of forms to stabilize grain sown area, stable grain output.Eight tang street agricultural machinery service station liang Weihu introduced, eight tang street this year’s spring tillage preparation tillage dry work based on a steady word, catch a good early word, steady is stable food sown area, food total output, early is early deployment, early action.This year is expected to sow area is 73700 mu, total output is expected to reach 27800 tons.