Magnolia blossoms in spring

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One spring march a dozen years ago, I went to a city in the southwest to take an entrance exam.Turn left into the campus, there is a small garden, there are several trees more than one person tall, big purple magnolia flowers, especially beautiful.Generally speaking, magnolia in the south, open earlier, in the end of December to the beginning of January the next year on the bud;But in the north, magnolia flowers do not bloom until April or May every year.The magnolia in full bloom in March was seen for the first time.I thought, this is a great school.After their annual winter vacation at home can enjoy a flower, to the school can enjoy a flower, it is worth coming here to learn for a few years.Later, really went to that school to go to school, after getting familiar with every corner of the campus, I found two larger yulan gardens, one called The orchid garden, another called purple orchid garden.The magnolia trees planted in orchid garden are obviously taller than those at the school gate, each one more than 10 meters high.To the flower season, full of trees such as clouds such as rosy clouds, quite romantic, spectacular.In contrast, the white magnolia flowers are stronger than the purple magnolia flowers.Afternoon, the sun is warm, gentle breeze, often as the yulan petals fall, good smell of flowers will overflow, refreshing.Small teacher younger sister is a skilled gourmands, every magnolia blossom season, can pull us to help her collect a few white magnolia petals that did not fall to the ground, take rock candy to break these petals to pickle in a few small porcelain POTS next.About a week later, you can enjoy glutinous rice balls filled with the petals of the sugared magnolia.This kind of dumpling is not too sweet and greasy with black sesame filling, but also has a faint fragrance of flowers, which is really delicious.Magnolia flowers in the time, the leaves are just beginning to sprout.The white magnolia would look more graceful and graceful without the greenery on the bare branches;The purple magnolia is even more brilliant and pleasant.Magnolia is also called the flower of the lotus, because when in full bloom, the shape of the flower is very similar to that of the lotus in the lotus pond.So, just as some people like white lotus and others like red lotus;Some people prefer the white magnolia, others prefer the purple magnolia.When I was young, I used to have a special preference for white flowers, so every time I met a white magnolia, I could not help but take more photos to keep.Later, as I grew older, I no longer liked white flowers so much, and the purple magnolia was slowly favored by me.Looking up at those purple with some pink color, although not elegant, but enough festive lively, the mood can not help but light up.Magnolia means beautiful, its flower language is: gratitude, noble, fragrant, pure love…Remember when I was a child had the honor to collect a set of magnolia commemorative stamps.Unfortunately, the stamps are so old that they can’t be found.However, when I was a child, I read “Lao Tze whirling, long and the spring breeze.Colorful clothes dance, see the world, falling flowers flying catkin “the poem is still fresh.# Plant # Like the magnolia flowers blooming in spring, like spring flowers……Flame Tree: Phnom Penh free from sorrow A rich bird in a garden of frerian, often mistaken for a bird of paradise — Banana, Scorpion, chianglan Chu Decu: Handpei-lan grows two or three times, warm wind and the next day