Heavy attack, “special” guarding safety | Jin ‘an District market supervision Bureau of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province to carry out special equipment safety inspection

2022-04-29 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is approaching, dinner parties, travel, shopping and other activities will usher in the peak consumption.In order to build a strong Spring Festival special equipment safety “firewall”, to ensure that consumers in the area of the festival to consume at ease, play safe and happy, Jin ‘an District market supervision administration of Fuzhou city, Fujian province early deployment, early action, heavy attack, to a wave of special equipment safety inspection before the festival.First-line supervisory personnel for personnel during the festival populated places on the use of special equipment, including large-scale amusement facilities in amusement places, sightseeing car, passenger ropeway, Mosaic of elevators, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and liquefied petroleum gas filling bottle filling and boiler of power station to carry out the safety check, to do “, “keep safe.It is reported that the bureau strengthens post responsibility consciousness.Urge enterprise ideological form from “want me to safety” to “I want security” shift, spontaneous strictly enforced to ensure the safety management system, make emergency on-duty during the festival, and to carry out safety education training, and emergency rescue drill during the festival, strengthen field management, the safe hidden trouble and exceptions, handled in a timely manner.At the same time, strengthen on-site safety inspection.Supervisory personnel to adopt directional inspection, strictly prevent special equipment “sick” operation.For large amusement facilities, ropeway and sightseeing vehicles in scenic and non-scenic areas, the inspection shall focus on: safety pressure rod, seat belt and other passenger restraints, and large amusement facility operator certificate, sightseeing vehicle driver certificate, random inspection of equipment maintenance records, check the storage and management of emergency rescue equipment and first-aid items.For hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, hotels and other units in the elevator for inspection, review unit using safety management system, homework personnel certified, daily maintenance, elevator inspection regularly, setting the safety warning signs, emergency rescue preplan, elevator use units to strengthen safety management, to strengthen the hidden perils and elevator maintenance unit to carry out the maintenance responsibility,Ensure safe operation of elevator.Key inspection of LPG cylinder filling station:Is carried out in accordance with the safety technical specifications filling, emergency measures are effective and maneuverability, whether hold relevant certificates, is checked before and after filling, filling records are complete, such as cylinder filling unit strict implementation of enterprise security responsibility, strengthening the safety management in the cylinder, it is forbidden to filling renovation, reconstruction scrap cylinder or cylinders are not checked, ensuring the safety of gas cylinders.In addition, the public awareness of prevention should be raised.Supervisory personnel in scenic spots, shopping malls and other customer service offices posted “small Ann take you to see the safety of special equipment elevator use safety, large amusement facilities use safety” comic book reader, vivid and interesting images, concise language, so that consumers in the fun of learning to take special equipment safety points.At present, The Jin ‘an District Market supervision Bureau has dispatched 70 supervisory personnel, inspected 32 units of special equipment, spot-checked more than 71 sets of special equipment, issued 3 supervision instructions, all of which have been rectified in place.(Contributed by: Fuzhou Market Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province)