Xiao Zhan can’t attend the Spring Festival Gala?No drama for Yang Mi?Tan Songyun drop coffee?

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Xiao Zhan can’t attend the Spring Festival Gala?Said fans don’t want to hear, 227 events have an impact on your love bean is absolutely, his side have to delay one or two years to also thought about the Spring Festival gala, shaw war team is thinking about before use gift show up head to prove their commercial value, and positive attitude to the mainstream, but as you all know, play a paste, then again, now a tribute play catch a handful,Unit x is really not outstanding.As for the fans’ argument that he will participate in the local TV Spring Festival Gala, this is the local TV station’s own decision, as long as it is not a bad artist, can be on, when Wu Sign did not have an accident also on the local TV Spring Festival Gala, this is not a reference.In addition, the circle does not deny your brother’s efforts, but efforts can not represent strength, most of the time, the work can represent the results of efforts (this sentence can be widely thought, the working people estimate deep experience).If you want to prove that you worked hard, you need to deliver a satisfactory answer sheet.No drama for Yang Mi?Her Mrs. Dendhu zhu also ended not long ah, how to let the audience have this illusion.Maybe she has flooded the screen so many times that the audience forgot about her previous work.As for the rumors that have no drama to shoot, outrageous, jia Line lacks who play will not lack her play, The commercial value of Yang Mi inside the entertainment absolutely can row into the top three.In addition, she is a shareholder of Jia Hang, and has the right to decide on the book. In other words, she can perform any work that her company buys.She has not signed a new play, still in contact, even if signed will also bring new people into the group, she is still quite like to give advice to the younger generation of acting, treat the younger generation of artists are very kind.Play words or jia Hang homemade, but the movie, she basically does not bring new people, the movie is her own decision, the company is also very respect her decision, but the previous several attempts to transform, the effect is not very ideal, but she will not easily give up.Tan Songyun drop coffee?There are small bitches asked, recently I did not see tan Song yun business, that is because recently did not broadcast her works, white marketing is very expensive, the last hot search really not cheap, six figures.Still have on the network Spring Festival Gala is to drop the rumor of coffee, ah this, that still have a lot of active on the screen artist all participated in, this is collective drop coffee?How possible, network Spring Festival Gala is also Spring Festival Gala, is also recognized by the mainstream.Another reason is that some artists do not want to perform on the Spring Festival Gala, because they want to spend the Spring Festival with their families, so they finish the task on this.Film and television, Tan Songyun or their own work, and did not outsource their own film and television about outsourcing, now is the book to take the initiative to find her, she starred in the TV series, data are basically good, but also a small explosion.She and fruit are deep cooperation, signed a variety contract, as long as fruit invites her, variety is good, the time is appropriate, she will go.