The world episode 40: Six gentlemen’s party broke up on bad terms

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1992 Auspicious spring, Sun Xiaoning came back for the New Year, heard about the zhou family now, Sun Xiaoning specially came to visit also took out some money, hope to replace brother and sister-in-law thanks to Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s help, but also a little mind for the dead old man.Zheng Juan wanted to refuse, but Sun Xiaoning had run away.Zhou Bingkun learned after coming back, see a lot of money also feel sorry, simply take the money to find catch up, let catch up to Sun Xiaoning.Catch up and let Zhou Bingkun put the money away, because who back to Sun Xiaoning he will not want, now Sun Xiaoning in Shenzhen to do real estate sales, make a lot of money, Zhou Bingkun took the money.Get together once a year, everybody gets together again, be short of only Lv Chuan and xiangyang, Qiao Chunyan persues everybody to forget two people, because had new friend won’t remember old friend.Voice just fell Lv Chuan and Xiangyang came behind, Qiao Chunyan makes fun of two people as if Beijing comes to visit everyone.Lv Chuan smiled that he was like an old dog that had left home for many years, and was afraid to come back and be disliked by the old family. Qiao Chunyan came forward with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, and the atmosphere was set off.Lv Chuan told the story of the development of The Times will inevitably encounter all kinds of pains, but will usher in good results, this for Qiao Chunyan simply can not understand, she now bathhouse has long become a private.Yu Hong hope Lv chuan can talk about the future direction of development and their future road, but the National Day and catch up but interrupted the words of Lv Chuan, but also specially satirical two people and they are not a height, lv Chuan said he did not understand.National Day think photon piece of place can not be solved that the above people did not act, no matter how much truth is just truth, his father died in this kind of poverty, National Day put forward to let Lv Chuan people reaction, don’t always say truth.National Day in a rage overturned the table, Zhou Bingkun intolerable reprimanded the National Day, in fact, Lv Chuan never said anything, every day someone’s parents died, Lv Chuan also helpless.Zhou bingkun offers to send Lu Chuan back, but Lu Chuan shuts himself in the toilet and drives away Zhou bingkun and Xiang Yang.When Zhou Bingkun came back, National Day has been waiting at home for a long time, National Day realized his mistake, hoping to let Zhou Bingkun take to apologize, Zhou Bingkun had to put on and take off the clothes with the National Day out, but did not see Lv Chuan.Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao to find Zhou Bingkun help, hope Zhou Bingkun can help find Zhou Bingyi to find a job for Cao Debao, so that two people’s income is relatively high, but also can go out to rent a house.Zhou bingkun suggested that let zaoqioudou find a way to catch up with the current odd jobs, but also earn a lot of money every day.Qiao Chunyan blame Zhou Bingkun refused to help, Zhou Bingkun lost his temper let Qiao Chunyan to find Zhou Bingyi, also angry today National Day lift the table, all things together the two sides made a bad ending.Catch up to sell shoes in rubber shoes factory, eye see rubber shoes sell not to go out, workers wages do not come out.In order to make this happen, Qiaitai planned to pay more than 1,000 yuan of the money in advance by himself.Zhou Bingkun will lend money without saying anything, but did not expect an accident after half a year, catch up there told Zhou Bingkun he was cheated.Now want to practice Sun Xiaoning to see, Sun Xiaoning also resigned, now the shoes to pay, the payment is not back, the other party said that the goods are not good to sell.Catch-up offered to return the goods, but the other party insisted on selling them again, but there was no word from then on.If this is not handled properly, it could be considered fraud and could result in imprisonment.Zhou Bingkun put forward to find Zhou Bingyi to find a way, catch up grateful.When Zhou Bingkun came to Find Zhou Bingyi, that there are workers to the public security bureau, Zhou Bingyi is taking people to drive past the public security Bureau.Because the auto parts factory was cheated by shanxi businessmen, workers wages can not come out, so the workers went to trouble.Auto parts factory director looking for Zhou Bingyi, hope to quickly solve the case, in his view is also the public Security Bureau failed to solve the case.Zhou Bingyi told the director, the bureau of public security bureau also has difficulties in public security bureau, is now cross-provincial arrest, facing difficulties is unprecedented.Zhou Bingyi pacify everyone’s emotions, to ensure that the premise of solving the problem can not let the interests of auto parts factory workers damaged.After a busy day in the public security bureau, Zhou Bingyi is going to go home, the driver told Zhou Bingkun to come, Zhou Bingyi decided to call the messenger room.