Ultra high appearance level + strong performance + comprehensive image performance!No wonder Vivo S12 Pro is getting such good reviews

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In order to win the favor of more user groups, many mobile phone manufacturers will use excellent hardware and software configuration for its models, so that it has a more comprehensive comprehensive strength.# # in vivo speed 12 series, for example, the series machines have always is famous for its excellent imaging performance in the mobile phone market, but the vivo not only in terms of images on the upgrade, but also for its adopted a more powerful processor performance strength, make its can always stay steady running state, in order to win the favor of many gamers.In addition to the appearance design, Vivo S12 Pro also brought a more light and comfortable handshake feeling and more fashionable and bright color design, fully meet the expectations of “face control” users.As we all know, the performance of a mobile phone is closely related to the user’s experience. The better the performance of a mobile phone, the smoother and more stable the user experience, can effectively avoid common problems such as screen lag, application flash back and black screen.Because of this, vivo S12 Pro’s significant improvement in performance has been recognized by many mobile phone users.This model is equipped with The Breguet 1200 processor, which uses 6nm process and 1+3+4 advanced architecture, can bring more powerful performance power to the phone, enabling the phone to run large applications or games can play a more stable, excellent performance strength.In addition, Vivo S12 Pro also uses software and hardware such as UFS 3.1, kernel-level dynamic effect engine 2.0, dual-effect memory fusion +4G technology, which can improve the speed of updating, installing and launching apps, bringing a better use experience.Supported by a number of excellent configurations, Vivo S12 Pro achieved a run score of over 710,000 on the Antutu platform, which is higher than many models in the same gear, indicating that it does have quite strong performance strength.Supported by powerful performance, Vivo S12 Pro delivers surprising gaming performance.I tried 90 frames of King of Glory with Vivo S12 Pro, and found that during the game, the phone not only did not have obvious lag and frame drop problems, but the average frame rate reached 89.3 frames. It also brought a more responsive touch experience, which made me feel free to play where I pointed.After running the game for a long time, the phone body did not appear hot problem, holding the handshake is quite good.With hardware and software such as a 240Hz touch sampling screen, superconducting liquid cooling system, and BOOST mode, Vivo S12 Pro can deliver a truly impressive gaming experience.As the latest addition to Vivo S series, vivo S12 Pro doesn’t disappoint when it comes to images.Before and after the model of imaging systems are very to force, not only the application of pre – 50 million light twin perturbation solution, but also adopted the three design, the rear of the machine rear lens module by 108 million pixels super clear vision main perturbation + 120 ° large wide-angle lens + 2 million pixels of macro lens, can meet the demand of the user a variety of the scene.Meanwhile, Vivo S12 Pro also has a variety of excellent image algorithms, such as the panoramic HDR+ night view, which makes it easy to take night photos with a larger texture, improving the user’s photography fun.As can be seen from the following sample shot with Vivo S12 Pro, this model has a good imaging performance in the night backlight scene, good suppression of strong light at the same time, but also to ensure the clarity of the picture, presenting more abundant picture details and more natural color effect, performance is very good.It’s worth mentioning that Vivo S12 Pro also has a super high level of appearance.The model comes in three colors: fresh and soft blue, classic and elegant black and warm and bright gold.The warm gold color also adopts photochromic 2.0 technology. The back cover of this color matching model can transform from warm gold to blue-green under ultraviolet radiation, making people feel as if they have arrived in the rainforest full of summer breath from warm winter sunshine, bringing amazing visual effects.Meanwhile, Vivo S12 Pro also has a very thin body design, only 7.36mm thick body and 171g body weight, bringing light handshake feeling, even if holding games for a long time, there will be no obvious pain in the wrist.In general, Vivo S12 Pro is a high score model in many aspects, which can simultaneously meet the needs of gamers, photography enthusiasts and face-control users, and can bring a more comprehensive and enjoyable experience.In the 3K price range, vivo S12 Pro’s overall performance is definitely at the top of the list and is well worth exploring.