The most beautiful player in the women’s football team burst into tears after revealing her goal, prompting fans to say their eyes were red

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On February 5, 2020, Chinese women’s soccer player Zhao Lina recorded a video, reflecting on the unforgettable moments in the match against The Japanese women’s soccer team.Zhao lina said in the video: “I believe you all watched yesterday’s game. I am very, very proud of our team.I remember there was a moment yesterday, even though I was on the bench, when we were two points down and two equalisers, when we scored the winning goal, our whole bench was on fire.Then I turned around and saw all the players and staff on the bench with wet eyes and red eyes. At that time, I felt like, wow, this is a great experience, the Chinese women’s football team is great, thank you for your support for the Chinese women’s football team, we will cheer for the next final, the Chinese women’s football team!””The match is not over yet. The women’s football team will continue to work hard. Please continue to support the Chinese women’s football team,” Zhao wrote on her weibo account.In May 2015, Zhao lina was selected for China’s Olympic women’s soccer team.On Dec 3, China made its debut for the national team in a 1-1 draw with Italy in a women’s friendly.Sun Wen, the former national team member of The Chinese women’s football team, said: Zhao Lina is a very smart player.Being big is a great advantage for a goalkeeper, and his positioning, judgment and reaction are all excellent.The feeling for the ball is also very good.There are also media evaluation: Zhao Lina in the field of action on the agile, energetic.On the court, Zhao Lina whether attack timing, or in front of the organization ability are very good performance, also made many wonderful saves and attack clearance.Many fans think Zhao lina has a pretty face, a well-proportioned figure and a height of 1.82 meters.Zhao Lina not only high appearance level and enough strength, but also known as the most beautiful goalkeeper.