National foot to Japan, rational strategy is to place an iron bucket array

2022-04-27 0 By

In addition to the huge gap in the strength of the two sides, there are several reasons why China’s trip to Japan is not optimistic: the majority of the national team has not played an official match for about three weeks since the end of the Chinese Super League in early January, and the National team itself has not arranged a corresponding warm-up match.In contrast, Japan has a large number of players from Europe back home, the pace of the game is basically seamless, competitive state will obviously be better than us.2. The team is not complete, the most expensive akerson can not play, and many players in the team are trapped by the epidemic, it can be said that the house is missing to meet the overnight rain.3. Luo Guofu blasted the FOOTBALL Association as an epitome.For li Xiaopeng’s maiden match, we still need to look at it rationally. However, from the previous rules of football, after the change of coach, the team will have a new look no matter whether it wins or loses. It is human nature to prove themselves in front of the new coach.A point of view: under the support of many unfavorable factors, the National football team might as well put up an iron barrel to fight back defense may have a chance of survival, before Li Tie in office and Japan Saudi Arabia Australia attack results we have seen, we really do not have that strength.It is also worth noting that Japan has scored only five goals in their previous six matches, which is not matched by their own strength, and should be aware of the possibility of Japan’s attack.The match between China and Japan kicks off at 18:00 on January 27 at the Saitama 2002 Stadium in The Green Zone city of Japan, the home stadium of J-League club Urawa Red Diamond, with a capacity of about 60,000 spectators.