Miracle: God doesn’t favor stupid children, but opportunity favors those who work hard

2022-04-27 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival film competition is fierce, “Watergate Bridge”, “Sniper”, “Everywhere”, “Miracle”, “Leon”……After seeing the trailer, all of them are on my list of intended audiences.Considering the time, extremely expensive ticket prices (here I have to make a joke: I don’t know if the national movie ticket prices are rocketed, whew, they all go up, but we basically start at 60 yuan……)I really want to see Watergate Bridge and Sniper, I wanted to go when Changjin Lake came out, but!!Afraid of crying into a dog in the cinema, long out of that mood……)So I choose to see The Miracle first!Before entering the cinema, I read some netizens’ reviews of Miracle. Some of them felt that the plot was relatively weak, and they were more disappointed than expected.However, as an ordinary viewer, I think the film is actually worth watching, because although the ending of the story is expected — the people who help us do not live up to the expectations, but it does give us a positive inspiration and moved, which is enough.”Miracle” is about by Yi Yangqianyi played By Jing Hao in order to give her sister with congenital heart disease to collect the money for surgery, “gamble” a, originally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to fight, but did not think of frequent setbacks, rejected, cheated, robbed, driven out of the rental house……But only 20 years old Jing Hao has been teeth insist, the final success of the story.As I mentioned before, when you walk into a movie theater, you know it’s a well-worn story with many twists and turns, but you’re still moved by the process — god doesn’t favor dumb kids, and dumb kids earn all their chances and success.Because his mother died of illness, Jinghao grew up alone with his sister.At the age of 20, he did not have the vitality and liveliness of his age. He was vicissitudes of life and Philistine. In addition to making money, he almost had no life of his own.God did not arrange for him what dignitaries, but in his teeth to lend a friend 2000 yuan “to cure her mother” after a long time to find that the other party was actually deceiving himself.God did not give him any opportunity, every step, every opportunity was he gritted his teeth, worked hard for it.God, there is no preference for him……Did not make his already difficult life a little easier……Opportunity is to rely on their own fight for the film, you can really feel from qian Xi’s interpretation of Jing Ho’s depression and heavy.He had never burst into tears, and his silent tears made people’s noses sour.In particular, in the silent no one night, before he thought of his mother’s death, he has to sleep with sister sat on her bed, with her mother promised to take good care of my sister, mother quietly told him: “also want to take care of yourself,” JingHao never stretched, tears drop from the eye socket, perhaps that moment, he also found that:For a long time did not think of their own such a person……Jinghao sister is all the support and motivation, but also the reason he desperately.You can really feel the desperation in him when he fights for his chance, when he fights with the thief who comes to steal!There is no other way, only this way!So, no matter what he is, the devil can not take what I want from my hands!”Be careful. You’ll kill yourself for these things?!And what?”At the police station, the policeman looks at the two fingers that Kyung-ho lost in the fight with the thief and says, “No.”Jing Hao’s eyes are not far away, already in the chair sleeping sister, voice is not loud, but firm.I won’t deny that the plot of “Miracle” is a bit cliched, even idealistic — Jing Ho’s personal efforts eventually lead to his sister’s surgery, he finishes college, and six years later, he becomes CEO of a company.In reality, effort and reward may not be equal.But why would I recommend going into a movie theater and experiencing this story?There are multiple criteria for judging the quality of a story. Some people see whether the logical plot of the story is reasonable.Some people, like me, are more interested in immersing themselves in the story for an hour or two, empathizing with the characters, and then harvesting some feelings and feelings. If you can add a touch of feeling to your life, then it’s not worth the money……Objective stories are not meaningful, what is meaningful is your perception and thinking about the story.