Lanzhou Bank strong trading limit, 5 main is how to conduct?Check out their point-of-sale post

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1. Lanzhou Bank is a regional urban commercial bank with successful experience and relative competitive advantages in the fields of small and medium-sized enterprise customers, community finance and personalized financial services.2. Lanzhou Bank has fallen by the limit for 3 consecutive days. Today, the auction price opened 4.34% lower, without much abnormality.Fang Xinxia in the face of continuous decline, not only did not stop the loss, but add cang action, that he is optimistic about the direction of financial protection.Let’s take a look at how the five main forces enter: First, Sangtian Road, first-line hot money, sold 5 times throughout the day, a total of 44,400 lots, the average price of 5.66, a total of 25.13 million.The first sale was at 9:46 and 5555 lots were bought at 4.96.(drop more than 5% entry low suction) the second move, 10:41, to 5.55 price to buy 8904 hands.(After the bottom position, turn red entrance pull up) the third time, 10:47, to 5.81 price to buy 9999 hands.(market single suddenly seconds plate, a lot of people did not react) 10:49, Sang Tian Road into the protection of 9967 hands sealed single deal, 11:12, 9982 hands sealed single deal, behind no shots.The second, Zhongtai Hubei, a famous hot money, is also today’s top brother, sold 2 times throughout the day, a total of 78,100 hands, the average price of 5.83, a total of 45.54 million, all the buying on the trading board.For the first time, the choice of trading board to buy, 10:47 points, to buy 19,900 hands.Then quickly fill 58,000 hand seal sheet, active protection plate.The third place, China Fortune Shanghai, quantitative private equity, prefer one-day travel, buy and sell similar zhongtai Hubei, at the time of trading 9987 hands, and then make up 47,000 hands sealed single, a total of 57,000 hands bought throughout the day, the average price of 583, a total of 33.27 million.Fourth, Hubin South Road, and China Fortune Shanghai, the admission of the daily limit, and then put into the sealing queue transaction, a total of 37,300 hands bought the whole day, the average price of 5.83, a total of 21.78 million.Fifth, Hushu South Road, two shots, 10:47 points, to the daily limit to buy 29,800 hands, 10:57 points, 9100 hands sealed transaction.A total of 39,100 lots were bought at an average price of 5.82, totaling 22.78 million.Dragon and Tiger list top five sellers Lhasa tiantuan accounted for three, selling points concentrated before the trading limit.In addition, another institution withdrew five times, selling a total of 22,400 lots, with an average price of 5.38, totaling 12.09 million yuan.4, Lanzhou Bank, the whole day transaction 1.188 billion, 38.45% turnover rate, the top five buyers of dragon and Tiger list bought 149 million, accounting for 12.5%.Among them, Zhongtai Hubei bought 45.54 million, Sangtian Road bought 25.13 million, and Fang Xinxia locked up 44.62 million.Protect the city to rely on big finance, pull big finance to circle lanzhou bank however, this may also be the reason that Fang Xinxia chooses to lock up storehouse.Finally, the top management has repeatedly called, to A shares back up, but, old iron, every day such A fall, our wallet can not carry ah.Russia-ukraine war, why are we small scattered reparations ah?