Dongying!From now on, we’ll be strict

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Order to solve the problem of motor vehicles disorderly stop place, maintain a good road traffic order, improve the traffic capacity, dongying city public security bureau traffic police detachment in the prophase research, on the basis of decision since January 20, 2022, will be 43 in sections to determine jurisdiction for motor vehicle illegal parking behavior strict management section (hereinafter referred to as “bat sections”).From Feb 1, illegal parking will be strictly punished.The sections under strict control will now be publicized as follows:Directly under the city fail to stop the bat when summary table unit via the a brigade (7) fuqian street (east 2 to DongSi Road) victory avenue (to WeiHe fuqian street road) east 2 (south road – dimness) dimness (huashan road – DongSi Road) canal road (jiaozhou road – yizhou road) (tsaochow road) – victory street all the way south of jiaozhou road (YiHe road – liao road) directly affiliated to the second brigade (7) above road (north all the way to ShunHe Road) cloud gate mountain road (north all the way to jinan road) lushan road (dimness to riverside road) jinan road (the west 4th road to west 2) west 4th road (dimness to north 2) west 2 (dimness to north 2) north (the ruler to west 4th road) directly under three brigade all the way (4) G516 (garden road) – wide green road G516 (wide green road– Qinghe Road) S309 (Donger Road —- Lizhuang Highway) S309 (Donger Road —- Donghai Road) Directly under the 4 Brigade (4) Gangbei 2nd Road: Gangxi 3rd Road to Donggang Road Gangxi 1st Road: Gangbei 3rd Road to Gangbei 1st Road Gangxi 2nd Road: Gangbei 3rd Road to Ganghai Road 340 National Road:Shenzhou road to xingkai lake road lijin brigade (6) tianjin 2 (phoenix avenue to marina port road) tianjin 2 (yong, qixin road to the 12 road sections), no (2 to tianjin, tianjin five road sections), 9 road (2 to tianjin, tianjin five road sections), 10 (2 to tianjin, tianjin five road sections) all the way, 12 road (2 to tianjin, tianjin five road sections) kenley brigade (2) the dimness (with hing road to victoryYellow River bridge sections) people feng road (with hing road to the revitalization of road) estuary brigade (4) shopping street (bohai road sections to the dimness) S315 bayonet (horse cross section to the fairy ditch bridge sections) G340 (haiphong road to bayonet sections between the zhanhua) hai sheng road (river celebration to the bohai sea road sections) GuangRao brigade (9) street of lean (is on road to wen road sections) sun wuThe ultimate master of war to Fu Jialu renmin road (road) road (old weifang diesel high road to regard road section) people on road (welcome road to garden road sections) in river road (garden road to welcome road sections) welcome road (changan road to welcome road DongShou) Fu Jialu (Ann to wen road sections) garden road (Sun Wulu to unity road sections) yan an road (welcome road to tracel street) source: dongying traffic police