Do you contact old friends during Spring Festival

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Do you think the flavor of Chinese New Year is getting weaker now?Because of the epidemic, many homeless people are away from home and cannot return home for the Spring Festival.Those who return home for the Spring Festival are not allowed to visit relatives or friends.Now do not let firecrackers, Spring Festival gala is more and more boring.How do you spend the first day of Spring Festival?I don’t know how to describe how time flies. This morning, WHEN I sent my New Year wishes to my friends, I opened the wechat dialog box and found that the chat record was still stuck in last Year’s Spring Festival.Looking back, it seems like yesterday.I think of the childhood friends I grew up with, the classmates I worked with, the colleagues I worked with, and the people I knew because of something in my life. I send you a New Year’s blessing during the Spring Festival, and all the past memories arise spontaneously.Image source network, infringement contact delete said not separated good friends, now often get together?When I was a child, I had no concept of time and thought that good friends would be together forever.When I grew up, I would laugh at myself for being young and ignorant when I recalled what I had said in my childhood.How many of us still have the contact information of a childhood friend in our address book?How many of us still hang out with our childhood friends?I have a childhood friend. We knew each other from primary school until we finished high school. Every time we went to school together, we came home together and talked about everything.Later, although not in the same city, but every Spring Festival, we will find a time to get together.Five years ago, she got married.Originally, I was supposed to be a bridesmaid when I got married first, but due to the epidemic, I was out of town and couldn’t go back, so I missed her wedding.It is estimated that in the future, we have our own families, and it is not easy for us to go shopping in our spare time because we are disturbed by the triviality of life.Picture source network, infringement contact delete said after graduation often get together classmate, still contact now?Always remember the youth time, more unforgettable green classmates.To meet is to laugh, to know each other is wonderful.Laugh in the youth, wonderful in the years away.This poem, extracted from Wang Guozhen’s “Can’t stop the youth” when I go to school, I often quote this poem with the parting of the students to write complimentary words, a few years after graduation, those classmates, now where?Graduation, we said the most words, something often have nothing to contact, a phone on call.Can you really help each other when things happen?A few years ago, WHEN I started working, I couldn’t make ends meet every month.One of my classmates suddenly called me to borrow some money. I really had no spare money to lend her at that time.Because of this, we broke off contact.Although we were inseparable when we were in school, who would have thought that a friendship would start with classmates and end with borrowing money?Image source network, infringement contact delete said after quitting often contact with colleagues, now where are?The relationship between colleagues is the most delicate, good friends, bad enemies.The workplace is neither as good nor as bad as it seems.To put it more grandly, people come together for a common cause, or have the same ideals and goals, and do something earth-shattering.But this is very rare, people are just trying to make a living, make some money.A job can do, can not do, change, there is no need because of a certain person, or a certain thing, affect their mood, finally you step on my foot, I kick you once, infighting, hurt each other, make not happy.No one can stay in one place for a lifetime.Therefore, in the workplace, when we work together, we are good to each other, and after leaving, we wave goodbye and go our separate ways.People in this life, will meet a lot of people, can accompany themselves to the last also a few people.If the life is compared to a journey, the intersection between people, only a period of time distance.In life, except for those who are closely related by blood, other people are just casual acquaintances at some stage, or become colleagues, classmates, friends, and share a road to deal with some things.When this road is finished, they return to their respective life paths, becoming two parallel lines in the long river of years. Memory is the link connecting parallel lines. The gate of memory is not often opened, perhaps only during the Spring Festival, it is the best opportunity to open the gate of memory.Therefore, on this day, to the relatives and friends in life, a simple New Year’s blessing, carrying a section of past memories, so that the increasingly light flavor of the New Year, become meaningful.