A family of six once contracted COVID-19, and her wish for the Year of the Tiger: Wish the epidemic could disappear as soon as possible and enjoy the fireworks in the world

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Liu Dingwei Tseng Cuicui, a 36-year-old tiger journalist, loves to laugh.Zeng Cuicui is a native of Huanggang, her husband is from Jiangxi province, and they work in Xianning.This Spring Festival, the couple once again across the mobile phone screen, to pay New Year’s greetings to their parents.”In response to the national call to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot, we have not returned to our hometown for two consecutive years.”Zeng cuicui said with a smile that she cherishes more than ordinary people the results of the fight against the epidemic and the present life.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, Zeng Cuicui happily returned to her parents’ home with her two children. In the following days, she and her family members developed a low-grade fever, and six of her family members were diagnosed with COVID-19.”At that time, the whole family was in the hospital. I was afraid I could not carry on, so I told my husband what had happened.I told him that if anything happened, I would donate my body.”Zeng cuicui said she spent the Spring Festival in tears.Under the meticulous care of the medical team and local medical staff, all six members of Zeng Cuicui’s family recovered and were discharged from hospital.”From treatment to isolation, to follow-up rehabilitation and review, my family has never spent a penny. If it were not for the good policies of the country, ordinary people like us would not have been able to afford it.”Zeng cuicui said.Tseng cuicui poses with her daughter. To this day, she keeps a diary of her hospitalization and isolation:Medical staff from all over the country to “TV in hubei province”, “hospital have independent toilet and water heater, can through the glass sunlight come in” “next to the patients see me eat hard, now and always help me to cook some rice porridge, noodles,” “the nurses on duty as busy with gyro, from morning till night, look at my blood oxygen saturation, and infill, advised them to have a rest,”My mother said she was so stiff that she couldn’t even get a needle in. A nurse sat beside her crying, saying, ‘Auntie, you are my mother’s age, you must get better.'”Zeng cuicui said that rather than fear of illness, she would like to record warm people and things, which is the source of our courage to overcome difficulties.Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched the national flag parade during the opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing.”I felt very proud at that moment, proud to be a Chinese and proud of our great motherland.”Zeng cuicui said that in a short period of two years, we have gone from fighting the epidemic to recovering and then successfully hosting the Winter Olympics. I believe everyone feels the same as me — that the country is strong, the people have support, the people are united as one, and brothers and sisters are bound together.Zeng Cuicui said, I hope the year of the Tiger, good luck.In the New Year, we wish the country peace and people peace, the epidemic will soon be over, and everyone can breathe freely and enjoy ordinary human fireworks.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.