Qimen County: “preparing for battle” to ensure the safety of the lantern power supply

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February 12-13, qimen county power supply company operation and maintenance personnel to give up weekend rest time to focus on the urban and township trunk line equipment “carpet” investigation, timely processing defects, hidden dangers, to ensure the Lantern Festival during the safe and stable operation of the grid and reliable power supply.In order to ensure the electricity demand of various traditional cultural activities, industrial and agricultural production and key project construction during the Lantern Festival, Qimen Company comprehensively summarizes the experience of power protection in 2022 Spring Festival, and takes practical measures to make adequate preparation for the whole county people to spend a bright and peaceful Lantern Festival.It is understood that during the Lantern Festival this year, “The hometown of Black tea in China” Qimen County will be around the “Qi” dance Spring Festival
“Happy Lantern Festival” activity theme, in the East street historical and cultural block, central square, qi Hong square and other places to carry out intangible cultural heritage performance, guess lantern riddles, “Anhui good taste
Qimen Intangible Cultural Heritage snack Festival and other traditional cultural activities with the theme of “Famous snacks in 100 counties”, fully displaying the charm of Qhong ancient City;In addition, changjing Yellow high-speed railway Qimen east traction station 220 kv external power supply project and huayang, core micro substation and other key projects are pushing forward at full speed, the major enterprises are also full throttle production sprint first season off to a good start, power supply demand pressure increases.In order to ensure the safety of power supply during the Lantern Festival, Qimen Power Supply Company further refined the power protection plan, strictly implemented the power protection responsibility system, defined the division of responsibilities and work focus, to ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity.In specific work, the company arranges the operation mode of the power grid scientifically, closely tracks the weather changes, strengthens the power load prediction and balance analysis, transfers the heavy load to supply in advance, and ensures the load balance and stability of the main distribution network line.Strengthen power grid operation monitoring, do a good job of accident prediction and risk control of important power transmission and transformation equipment failure trip, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid;Strengthen the operation and maintenance of power grid equipment. In view of the problems existing in the power grid in the early stage, further strengthen the special investigation and management of power grid equipment defects and hidden dangers, and eliminate the hidden dangers affecting people, equipment and power grid security;We will deepen the management of power transmission and distribution lines to prevent external damage, strengthen localized operation and maintenance, especially intensify special inspections of uncorrected power transmission and distribution networks in original hydropower supply areas, and rectify and eliminate hidden dangers as soon as they are found during inspections.In addition, also actively communicate with the county culture and tourism departments, according to the Lantern Festival activity area division of power protection key, strengthen the night equipment and lines of special patrol, to ensure the Lantern Festival during all kinds of major cultural activities safe and reliable electricity.At the same time, strengthen customer management, comprehensively improve the quality of service level, timely and effectively supervise customers to rectify the safety risks of power supply facilities, so as to notice, report, service and supervision “four in place”;Strengthen emergency on-duty management, strict on-duty discipline, and ensure that electrical repair team members keep 24-hour communication and communication unimpeded;We will coordinate the preparation work of vehicles, personnel and materials, strengthen the allocation of emergency repair forces and accident anticipation drills, actively prepare for and deal with various unexpected accidents, and ensure reliable power supply during the Lantern Festival.(new money
Hu Kewei) source: Zhongan Online