Never give up!You can always trust the Chinese short track speed skating team!

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Short-track speed skating was one of the most prolific venues for refereeing at the Games.In the men’s 5,000m short-track speed skating relay semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 11, the first Group of The Chinese team took part in a thrilling scene.China’s Li Wenlong crashed to the ground after a knife fight with an opponent, placing China fourth in group.Then, after the referee’s deliberation, the Chinese team entered the final.How did China get to the final?China’s Li Wenlong was disqualified from group A of the men’s 5,000m short-track speed skating relay after A knife-throwing incident with an opponent at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Cb explained that after the game he was collision with Canadian ice skates, lead to their fall, because it is purely an accident, he with Canadian contestant has no fault, Canada will not be punished, but as the victims of an accident, the Chinese team was found in the final group A, which accord with the rules of short track speed skating.Li Wenlong said his first thought after the fall was to hand over the men’s 5,000-meter short-track relay semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday.China’s Li Wenlong crashed to the ice after colliding with other players in the semifinals.He said his mind went blank after the fall, and the first thought was to hand over to “elder elephant” Ren Ziwei.As a first-time Winter Olympian, Li wenlong had already performed well, winning a silver medal in the 1,000m final.Keep it up!Wang Meng also said in the commentary, she saw a “kick knife”, not worried, believe China will be sentenced to the final.Wang Meng: Why can I sit here?Because I’ve been asking the ISU technical representative for two hours about the rules in this situation!According to the RULES of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation, there are several types of fouls, one is derailment, two is blocking, three is assisting fouls, four is kicking the skate.Blocking is the most common foul.It is worth mentioning that the rules of short track speed skating are changing and developing all the time.In 2020, the ISU officially launched a revised version of its refereeing manual, with many details revised.The player’s foul action has the relevant penalty code, which greatly improves the transparency of the game.The Chinese team can enter the final, not only because it is the victim of “kick knife”, but also because they never give up, insist on finishing the game, to win the opportunity to enter the final for themselves.”It’s normal to have accidents in the race,” said Ren. “No matter what happens, we will finish the race.”Before the race, he also exchanged his experience with Li Wenlong when handing over the baton.As for the final, Ren ziwei said, you should put aside your worries and try your best.Li wenlong also said: “Don’t think too much, just one round of skating, try your best, to play their level.”In the comments section of Weibo, netizens were overwhelmed by the “spirit of unity” of the Chinese team. In addition to the concern about whether the Chinese team has any serious problems, many people sighed “never abandon never give up” and “The Chinese team never give up”.