Li Sheng on gold: gold is expected to continue to rise, crude oil stagflation concerns the United States Iran negotiations

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will be bright.Gold prices rose to their highest level in more than a week on Monday, supported by inflation concerns and lingering geopolitical risks, as markets awaited key inflation data to gauge the trajectory of federal Reserve rate hikes.On the other hand, fed rate hike expectations and soaring US bond yields capped gold’s gains.With more than five quarter-point fed rate hikes expected in 2022 after the strong PAYrolls report, this week’s US inflation data could spark more market volatility.Overall, fears of a surge in inflation are rising again ahead of Thursday’s RELEASE of U.S. Consumer prices for January.At the same time, technical gold prices rose sharply and broke through the Bollinger belt mid-track, the short term may have further room to rise.Oil prices retreated from seven-year highs yesterday on faint signs of progress in nuclear talks between the US and Iran that could lead to the lifting of US sanctions on Iranian oil exports, though only if a deal is struck soon in the coming weeks.If us sanctions are lifted, Iran could quickly export millions of barrels of crude and help push down rising oil prices.Geopolitics and shortages in most commodity markets continue to support oil prices, but the prospect of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program will weigh on prices.In the short term, oil prices will focus on the progress of the Iranian nuclear talks, and there may be a downside risk if an agreement is reached and Iranian crude exports return to the market.Gold, yesterday all the way up shock, it seems that Friday’s non-agricultural report did not bring too much to the gold price of obstacles, in the short term, or more shock.Day line level, Brin belt go flat, the price stood in the forest track this key position, break through this position, from the technical level alone, it means to open the upper space, is expected to move forward further to 1830.In 4 hours, the forest openings, price depends on the rail support pull litre, basic price shocks upward along the rising trend line, two dip in front of the resilience of the market, is only a short break and then the line above the trend line, under the overall pattern is not broken, days is expected to continue to go up, short line operation is clear thinking, callback to do more, attention below 1818 first-line support,Focus above on line 1830 resistance.Crude oil yesterday by the impact of the news, from the peak of a wave of decline in the market, but from the trend of view, the strength of the fall is not great, after all, the agreement has not been reached, the impact has not broken out.Daily level, Bolin belt opening up, the price fell down the negative line, the opening of the day continued yesterday’s decline, the recent rise has been contained, the probability of the day will continue to fall adjustment.4 hours, bollin belt signs of closing, the price temporarily near the middle of the rail by a certain support, from the trend of view, the price probability will be in this position of the shock collating, short term words in the day to see a wave of fall, above the focus on resistance near 91.6.Iron ore has been a relatively strong performer of late, with prices moving along without much of a pullback since bottoming out in November.Daily level, bollinger belt continued to open upward, prices relying on the mid-rail shock upward, last Friday was a strong breakthrough on the rail resistance, intra-day opening relying on the upper rail out of the recent new high, short-term price trend is strong, is expected to continue to go higher.4 hours, Bolin belt opening, prices along the track strong rise, in the near term, the trend is more clear, operating ideas before two days high 830 to support the call back to do more.Operation strategy: Gold: Call back long near 1818, stop 1813, target 1830, break hold.Crude oil: Rallied short around 91.5, stops at 92.1, target at 89.8.Iron ore: Long back around 835, stop 830, target 850.Disclaimer: The above analysis only represents the author’s personal views, does not constitute specific operation suggestions, according to the operation, profits and losses own, investment risks, entering the market should be cautious.