Junlian: Red scarf floating, junlian, Sichuan junlian: Red scarf floating, junlian to present to the new era

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For further implement the “ShuangJian” work spirit, advancing the practice of the young pioneers education implementation of key projects, to further promote the communist youth league project, social work ability, sichuan province, February 11, the communist youth league junlian college volunteers, the county party committee organization to return home in the home of junlian village with inscriptions “children’s home Red scarf school “theme activities.In the activity, college students volunteer to teach the young pioneers to wear red scarves to enhance the sense of honor of the young pioneers.Secondly, college students volunteer to tell the origin of the red scarf, the red story, gu Ailing’s inspirational story, to stimulate the patriotic feelings of young Pioneers and the determination to serve the country and society.At the end of the activity, the volunteers of college students and the young Pioneers had knowledge questions and interactive games, which made the students relaxed.SPRING this activity to give full play to the young pioneers organization to educate advantages and practical characteristics, cooperate actively do a good job “ShuangJian”, the implementation of the young pioneers education red key projects, improve the campus young pioneers patriotic spirit, to provide “ShuangJian” work activities, positions and support team, lead the masses of young children’s healthy growth and all-round development.(Contribution/Junlian County Party Committee of The Communist Youth League in Sichuan Province)