How to prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival?Jiaxing center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health warning to all citizens

2022-04-26 0 By

At present, the global COVID-19 epidemic is still in the stage of pandemic. The number of imported cases in China continues to increase, and the spread of COVID-19 in China is increasing.As the Spring Festival approaches, a large number of people are moving around, including students, migrant workers and family visits, further increasing the risk of the spread of the epidemic.In order to effectively reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic and celebrate the Chinese New Year, jiaxing CDC once again issued a health warning to all citizens: 1. Pay close attention to authoritative information.Those who come to And return to Jia jia and have time and space intersection with the activity track of positive cases should report to their communities (villages) immediately and cooperate with the implementation of corresponding epidemic control measures as required.2. People from medium and high risk areas in China have suspended their return to Canada.For those who still need to come, “14+7” health management measures will be implemented.The personnel returning from overseas shall undergo a nucleic acid test at the nearest place in accordance with the principle of “full inspection” and carry out self-health monitoring.Third, take the initiative to check risk personnel.Organs, enterprises and institutions, communities (villages) and other active investigation of key areas to jia Jia personnel, please take the initiative to report, take the initiative to detect, shall not conceal.Four, not necessarily from jia.Do not travel to medium-high risk areas or counties where COVID-19 positive cases have been reported.If you must go, report to your community (village) and work unit in advance, and take good personal protection during the whole process.Fifth, do not gather unless necessary.Large-scale gatherings of people should be strictly controlled, epidemic prevention measures for such gatherings should be strictly implemented, and the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control should be fulfilled.We advocate “slow weddings, simple funerals and no banquets”, with no more than 10 people in the family.Sixth, to establish the concept of “everyone is the first person responsible for their own health”.Take the initiative to take good personal protection, and continue to maintain good hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keeping ventilation and minimizing gatherings.Seek medical advice immediately if fever or other symptoms occur.Eligible citizens must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible.Information of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid “Wish to test all” sampling sites in Jiaxing (including railway station, passenger transport center and other key places