Take a look at the new 22 Cadillac CT4

2022-04-25 0 By

In terms of configuration, Cadillac CT4 also has a head-up display, automatic parking, one-button window lift, external rearview mirror electric adjustment/heating/folding/memory and other practical functions, or quite rich.The standard ETRS push-button electronic shift can be switched to pure manual mode later, which helps owners avoid the danger caused by frequent manual shift and improves driving pleasure.In addition, the car will be equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping, automatic air conditioning, active braking, driving mode selection, and more, with good comfort and technology.Despite being a sporty car, the CT4 still maintains excellent interior space and rear room performance is satisfactory.In terms of seating space, the second row of seats in the new car is designed according to the layout of the theater, which takes into account the head and leg space, as well as the comfort of long journeys.If you are a friend with a high need for rear space and seat ride, this car is not for you.In terms of styling, the CT4 uses a new design language, with a shield-shaped front grille, a black waterfall inside, and a brand-name LOGO to enhance front face recognition.The front part is full and round, giving consideration to a good sense of integrity. The family shield grid adopts a flat design, with sharp edges and corners around the frame, and dense bright black dot matrix structure inside.The sliding back design of the roof is very smooth and smooth, and the double waist line design at the top and bottom makes the body look very slender and dynamic.