Smooth experience pull full!Do you know the system optimization details hidden in coolpad COOL 20 Pro?

2022-04-25 0 By

As the industrial chain of smart phones becomes more and more concentrated, the differences between different brands of mobile phones in hardware become smaller and smaller, which puts forward higher requirements for the optimization of mobile phone software system.Big companies can only pull away from their rivals in mobile UI.As for the mobile phone system, the major mobile phone manufacturers have the following major optimization directions: Some systems are committed to make the motion effects and ICONS more cool, which is the so-called skin change.Some systems add a variety of features.More manufacturers said they must do to advertise a pure version of the system.And in many directions, what is the real future development direction of mobile operating system?To this, Coolpad gave a more in-depth and visionary answer.”We believe that the core direction of mobile operating systems is in four words — system optimization.For example, if you compare Android to a building, what Coolpad does is to make the structure and foundation solid when laying the foundation so that it can support a higher skyscraper.”Coolpad related person in charge said.At present, mobile phone system optimization module is one of the core competitiveness of mobile phone enterprises, and Coolpad is obviously confident in this aspect.It is reported that Coolpad has a special system research and development institute in Nanjing, which develops and optimizes the mobile phone system, and also contributes code to the global and new open source community.Now, the core branch code contribution of Coolpad in Linux core community has become the TOP 2 mobile phone brands in China.With the release of the new coolpad COOL 20 Pro, COOLOS 2.0, coolpad’s new-generation self-developed system, has also gained wide attention. Its humanized operating interface and smooth experience have won unanimous praise from the industry and users.COOLOS 2.0, the COOLOS 2.0 operating system of coolpad COOL 20 Pro, is equipped with smart memory fusion technology, which can achieve “8GB memory, 13GB experience”.Memory freezing technology enables background processes to sleep deeply, reducing CPU resource consumption and ensuring hot startup when they are switched on again.In addition, anyone who has ever used a Coolpad phone should have experienced the EROFS file system.Coolpad has previously ported EROFS into its first product to return to the Chinese market, the COOL 20.After six months of continuous research and development, the new VERSION of EROFS technology contributes many self-developed features on the original basis, improves sequential read performance, and further improves the overall system performance fluency.In addition, to the mobile phone safety problem that everybody pays close attention to, cool group also considers very considerate for everybody.At present all kinds of telecom fraud, sometimes a lot of people have worked hard to earn a year’s money, may be cheated because of a phone call, a text message, and almost no possibility of recovering the loss.For that, the COOL 20 Pro has a safe “security mode”, which coolpad and Tencent Security Lab jointly launched.In safe mode, Coolcool 20 Pro can intelligently intercept telecom fraud, fake applications and induced downloads through cloud big data identification.In addition, the new phone has coolpad innovation account insurance protection, if in the safe mode of telecom fraud, once registered, users can be priority compensation of up to 50,000 yuan.This feature is very practical and practical for strivers.In general, coolpad COOL 20 Pro not only greatly improves the smoothness of the mobile phone system through the deep combination of software and hardware, but also enables the industry and users to feel the strength of Coolpad leading the industry in system development.This year, will Coolpad continue to work on the operating system?We’ll see.